Who is Kai Cenat? Twitch Streamer Hits 100k Subs and Maybe The Biggest Streamer in 2022

Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat has surpassed xQc Félix Lengyel and has become the most subscribed English streamer on the platform.

Cenat has collected around 100,000 paid subs as of the latest. Rising Young Star is celebrating his latest milestone with a lot of enthusiasm and is also working his way to the most subbed streamer on Twitch.

With this new achievement, the 20-year-old streamer expressed a token of thanks to everyone except Twitch. He alleges that the platform is ignoring his Black community.


Kai Cenat — Becomes Most Subscribed English Streamer

Kai Cenat is a Twitch Streamer. He is quickly rising up to the ladder of success as he reached the 80k milestone a week ago. Just after a couple of days, his subs skyrocketed and exceeded over 90,000 paid subs on Twitch.

Further, what happened next will make your jaw drop. On 30th September, Cenat surpassed 100k subscribers on the platform making history.

Kai Cenat
Kai Cenat (Credit: Twitch)

This monumental achievement has made rise him to the top of the game. Amidst the stream, he called his mother to share the news. His mother proudly said-


“My son works harder, he’s a grinder,” she said. “Every day, every night, and he gives me the world.”

Cenat began getting huge leaps in subscribers early this year on the Amazon Streaming platform.

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Kai Cenat Dethroned xQc

With this feat, Kai Cenat overtook xQc’s throne and has become the biggest English Streamer on Twitch.

Undoubtedly, the young star has carved a unique space for himself on the platform giving competition to some of the early established content creators.

Also, it would be interesting to see whether the streamer beats Brazilian Casimiro Miguel Vieira da Silva Ferreira who is the most subscribed streamer on Twitch Internationally.

However, Cenat claims that he has more paid subs whereas Ferreira has Amazon Prime gifts subs.

Criticizes Twitch For Ignoring Black Community

Kai Cenat thanked everyone — viewers, subscribers, supporters, and family. He did a little dance to celebrate his feat and also made emotional phone calls to family members.

But, the streamer did not shy away from calling out the Twitch platform for ignoring his community.

“I need y’all to be watching what’s going on, Twitch, I need you to understand bro, you feel me for so many years bro people of my color, we’ve been unrecognized,” he said.

“I refuse for my community to go unnoticed. Yo Twitch, I have no problems with you Twitch. There’s not one time I’ve seen anyone in my community on the front page of your platform bro.” Cenat added.

Hence, some people agreed to the claim and argued why is it that Twitch has not done anything to promote their fastest-growing creator.

Moreover, viewers feel that Twitch has been ignoring the Black community and the creators from the same. Fans hope things will change with Cenat’s rising success on the platform.


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