Who is Quin69 on Twitch and Why Did He Get Banned from The Platform?

The twitch platform is frequently in the news because of the streamers that utilize it; while some are useful for the platform, some prove very controversial resulting in their ban. Let’s investigate Quin69 ban to learn more about the individual and the circumstances surrounding his ban.


Who is Quin69?

Quin69 was a Twitch streamer familiar with making controversial, misogynistic comments and statements on the platform.

The platform has since banned him, due to the unhealthy and controversial statements and remarks that he used to put on his Twitch videos.

Fans know him as a guy making statements and remarks on misogyny and sexism. Because of his content’s narrow focus and his reputation for controversy, his channel was removed from the Twitch network.

Quin69 (Credit: Twitch)

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Twitch Streamer Quin69 banned from the platform

Well, the controversial Twitch streamer is once again removed from the platform on October 25. This is the fourth time the streamer got suspended from the platform. The content creator is now facing four bans alone in 2022.


However, the reason for his ban is yet to be announced by the streamer. But fans and everyone on social media are predicting the possible reason behind his ban. Since Quin69 has built a reputation for himself for his controversial Twitch streams. And also the misogynistic comments and the statements that he purposes might be one of the reasons for his ban.

Back in January 2022, Quin was also suspended for 14 days from the platform after making misogynistic comments about women asking to be sexually assaulted because of what they wear.

And with his fourth ban, it might be possible that due to the guy being controversial in nature and making hateful statements the platform has finally banned him the fourth time.

Why did the Twitch Streamer get banned from the Platform?

While the streamer has not himself stated the reason behind his ban from the platform, some fans are theorising the possible reason behind his ban.


As stated above, the ban might be the reason for a comment made during his recent stream which had racial connotations.

From making remarks on women wearing clothes to equating wearing turbans to terrorism, the racial connotation that the streamer connects his statements with has geared in the eyes of the fans which are thus indicating the possible reason for his Twitch ban.

In one of the streams, the streamer stated this about the turbans:

I’m like tie my hair up like a f*cking. Okay wait, how do I even say it? What’s the best way of saying it in the current year? Kind of like a terrorist. You know you think of Osama Bin Laden. The really, um, iconic picture of him.”


And thus it may be a prove why he is facing the ban from the platform.

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