Who is YouTuber Shane Dawson as Minecraft Streamer Dream Looks Like Him?

When the 23-year-old Minecraft Streamer Shane Dawson finally revealed his face on YouTube after his announcement on September 22, fans got immediately excited for better or for worse reasons. According to the fans and his well – wishers, his face looks like the notorious Shane Dawson.


The full report

The popular YouTuber and Minecraft gamer did a face reveal video on YouTube among his fans on Sunday, October 2 which caused quite a stir among the community. Before this, Clay, also known as Dream, was using a white smiling face mask in all his YouTube videos and streams.

About 1.2 million people saw his face in real time in the live video. This video became so popular that it got a humongous 18 million views in jus 14 hours. Clay has been giving hints about his desire to reveal his face multiple time by showing up in various video calls with fellow creators without any mask.

The Mixed Response of Shane Dawson face reveal

After Shane Dawson face reveal, many fans took to their respective social media handles to post about their reactions for the same. While some comments were welcoming, others just saw this as an opportunity to post memes. Some even went as far as to comment on his looks by making fun of his chin and comparing his look to the controversial YouTuber Shane Dawson.


To add fuel to the fire, the hashtag, “Put the mask back on” also trended on Twitter. The other users, meanwhile, wrote variety of thirst messages to Clay on Twitter. However, Dream also got immense support from popular creators like MrBeast.

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Who is Shane Dawson ?

Shane Dawson, originally, Shane Lee Yaw is a popular 34 year old American YouTuber. He garnered over half a billion views in just two years of his YouTube journey. His videos usually revolve around sketch comedy where he mimics popular celebrities and makes fun of pop culture.

Apart from that, he has released his own songs, started a podcast, released his one and only feature film, acted in a couple of movies, launched a show on YouTube about Conspiracy theories along with writing two New York Times bestseller books. These books are, “It Gets Worse” and “I Hate Myselfie”.

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson (Twitter)

Why is Shane so controversial ?

Dawson has been notorious for using racial stereotypes using, the word “nigga” and “blackface” to describe black people. He even used blackface to portray Chris Brown and Wendy Williiams. If that wasn’t enough, he blatantly propagated racism by playing caricatures of minorities and people of colour. However, he later apologized for his actions saying, “this was a huge learning experience for me”.


In one episode of his 2013 podcast, “Shane and Friends”, he made a comment about pedophilia which made him the target of a controversy in 2018. Also, in 2019, he was accused of bestiality when he talked about “engaging in a sexual activity with his cat” in a 2015 episode of the same podcast. He again offered a public apology saying that he made these ridiculous comments “just for laughs” and that “this is not the real me”.

Jaden Smith, brother of Willow Smith also accused Shane of sexualizing his sister hours after his 20 minute public apology. This accusation came after an old video of Shane touching himself in a sexual manner while checking out the poster of Willow Smith, who was 11 at the time, started circulating in the media.

YouTube finally took serious action against Dawson by demonetizing all his channels in June 29, 2020.

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