Why Did Erobb221 Get Banned? Twitch streamer Has Been Banned With Unknown Reason

Do you know that your favorite Twitch streamer Erobb221 got banned from the Amazon-owned app? Erobb is a famous streamer on Twitch. The streamer has about 400 k followers on the same app. 

Erobb Keeps entertaining his fans with his gaming skills. Streamer uploads a variety of gaming and IRL content to maintain his social media following and his fame.


Why did Erobb221 get banned?

The famous trimmer Erobb221 is the younger brother of the popular legend of legends streamer Tyler 1. Erobb has created a strong stream on his own that is no longer because the streamer got banned by Amazon-owned platform today, on September 8, 2022.

It has not been evident why he got banned. But at present, Erobb221 is at the shitcamp event organized by Qtcindrella. The streamer has been banned and would not be able to stream as he is bound by Twitch’s rules.

Now he will not also appear in any of Twitch’s streams at shit camp events. The reason behind this ban is still not revealed but as soon as we get the information, we will update you.

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Twitch streamer Erobb221′ Kayak stream ends

After a huge success in the previous year, the fans of Erobb221 were dying to know if the shit camp event will be organized in 2022 by QTCINDRELLA. This is good news for them because Qtcindrella has returned with shitcamp event in 2022. 

The Twitch event has been joined by five popular streamers across the community including Valkyrie, Ludwig, and Hasan. The most exciting thing is that they will stream together from September 5 to 8.

There are some outdoor adventure activities also happening, in which Erobb and Zoil decided to take part. They went out on a trip across Kayak a lake.


After fishing in shit camp both streamers began paddling across the water. But suddenly the Kayak started to rock and they lost their balance resulting in their collapse into the lake.

Zoil started panicking and screaming that I can’t swim! Fortunately, he was wearing appropriate gear that helped him float and saved him from sinking into the lake.

While Erobb221 kept laughing next to him. But his smile vanished as he realise that his phone was left in the Kayak as it was with him while sitting in Kayak.

Erobb221 was horrified to learn that his phone was lost in deep waters. Along with his phone, he had also lost the pictures of his daughter Emily.


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