Why Did The Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Get Banned?

After being swatted for the second time this year, Adin Ross has been banned from Twitch. The incident took place on 9th November 2022 while he was in a live session. He was also banned precisely three months before.


Adin Ross was swatted during a live stream

Ross called someone and told them he was being swatted as soon as he became aware of the circumstance.

“We got swatted. I’m streaming right now,” he said. “There’s a swat team at my house right now, bro. I can hear them.”

Adin Ross recently had to break his Twitch stream short due to being swatted out in front of his house. Ross was in front of 200,000 viewers when he got swatted. He was at the peak of the live stream during the incident.

The live stream of Ross is all over the internet

Videos of the incident swiftly spread on the platform just after the incident took place. It was easy to get the video as Ross was live at that moment and many viewers were recording it. Although the situation’s details were unclear because the star was soon blocked, preventing access to them.


The video is now once more available. The video, shows Ross speaking on the phone with the other who instructed Ross and his companions to go outside and raise their hands over their heads.

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Ross’s tweet after he got swatted

Just after the event, Adin Ross tweeted, “I really got banned on twitch for being swatted,” before hastily deleting the message.

Why was Ross banned from Twitch?

Ross was given a ban, the reason for which is unknown but is probably at least connected to the event. According to the Twitch community guidelines, an account may be banned or suspended if the owner of the stream appears to have lost control over it.

Adin Ross was banned twice before

Adin has encountered swatting before. When Ross was wrapping up a lengthy stream in August, he got swatted. His home was suddenly invaded by four armed police policemen. Adin reappeared on TV to conclude the stream after disappearing for around ten minutes. In addition to these two events, Adin was also swatted in July 2021 while attending a fan event.

User’s reaction to the ban

One said- “Twitch is so weird”
Another said – “ FREEE HIM NOW TWITCH “ and ” 🙏hope everyone is okay”

After the event, 26 minutes later, StreamerBans declared that Adin Ross had been unbanned from the livestreaming service.


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