Why EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson Wants to End FIFA Partnership?

Game developer and publisher EA could do without the FIFA permit in the future for its soccer game series. A tsunami is brewing after Andrew Wilson, an EA boss is said to have condemned the world soccer association FIFA in an insider meeting. Andrew is said to have promised his employees a feasible future without a FIFA permit. According to the Videogamechronicle magazine, the meeting was held last November. Now, the magazine brings the information from the meeting to light. The timing fits: EA had also started to make his mind about a change of the name of the game series in October.

Particularly, according to the above-mentioned magazine, Andrew is said to distrust the practicality of the FIFA permit. An EA boss, Andrew Wilson said, “Basically, what we get from FIFA in a non-World Cup year is the four letters on the front of the box”. The cost of that, he said, is too high. EA doesn’t get the rights to player names, looks, crests, kits, teams, and stadiums through world football’s governing body anyway. But through 300 other licensing deals.’ But this is not the only reason Andrew is taking into consideration finishing a partnership that has remained since 1993.


FIFA wants more capital and EA too

According to gaming magazine, Andrew told the publisher sense pressurized by the FIFA permit as for the content. For instance, the world football union has continuously stopped EA from implementing game ways beyond 11 Vs 11. FIFA also denies “broader digital ecosystem” and stops “the deeper combination of fixed brands.” For instance, Nike. It is stopped by a FIFA alliance with Adidas, he stated.

The New York Times earlier expressed the bond between FIFA and EA. Significantly the financial dimension of the licensing package: the union gathers $150 million per year from EA. In 2023, the present ten-year agreement will end, with a last “FIFA’23.” For extension of the alliance, now FIFA is saying for double that amount.


EA is doesn’t even in a mood to pay so much amount to FIFA. Just because told “digital ecosystem” stops the publisher from opening brand new markets. And, thus developing extra revenue.

Therefore, according to the New York Times report, EA wants to arrive into a promotional contract with brands and leagues, among others to comprise highlights from actual games or sell NFTs.


However, last October the firm registered the name “EA Sports FC” with the European Union Intellectual Property office.

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