Why JiDion and Pokimane Latest Collaboration Video Trending on Internet?

Streamers “JiDion” and Imane “Pokimane” Anys have again surprised their fans after confirming that they will team up collectively on Twitter, in spite of the ban on JiDion for Twitch due to a “hate-raid” send to a stream of Pokimane. For those who are not familiar with the dispute, it’s all started in January 2022. When JiDion Adams instructed his followers to “hate raid” (sexist and homographic abuse) on Pokimane’s live stream.

Though, firstly being banned for two weeks from the platform. Twitch then enhanced the ban from permanent after JiDion resumed to ‘harass’ Pokimane on social media platforms. Also, heading her to make her Twitter page private. Afterward, JiDion openly apologizes to Pokimane. But it wasn’t sufficient for Twitch to respect canceling his ban. Although, it seems the two have forgiven each other and collaborated together. Definitely, it is a great surprise for the streaming community.

JiDion and Pokimane

When did Pokimane and JiDion collaborate together?

A great YouTuber JiDion amazed his fans when he posted a pic on Twitter. On 13 February, he posted a pic appearing himself eating a burger beside Twitch Streamer Pokimane. JiDion requested his fans to ask the pair some questions. Most of them were amazed about the union. For example, one amazing fan said, “Lol Bruh, You’re so unpredictable.” However, others argued whether JiDion had used a little bit of Photoshop to make this picture.

As the tweet has proceeded and moved towards the Livestream Fail subreddit. Fans resumed conveying their surprise. One user ‘Gazareth’ quite nailed it by their comment. “Ask me and Poki questions’, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” On the other hand, other people indicated just absolutely how Tyler “Ninja” Blevins would answer to the union. Also, given how Pokimane was unprotected with a lawful fight for “flushing lies” about him. After the probably makes an effort to have JiDion’s Twitch ban canceled. However, things have gone equally quiet about all that, especially on Ninja’s end.

Did JiDion do all this drama with Pokimane for Publicity?

Later on from his featuring with Pokimane, JiDion answered some questions of his fans on Instagram. After that fans asked that the whole dispute had just been for publicity. JiDion explained, “All your questions are going to be answered in three to five weeks.” JiDion described the reason. He said that he is presently in the progress of creating a video about this circumstance. Although, he worried that he is a ‘Cool dude.’ And “if you disagree with a person, it can always be mended.”
Also, on Twitter Pokimane didn’t make any comment about pairing with JiDion. Now, it appears that the JiDion and Pokimane dispute is finally over.


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