Xeratricky Banned: Apex Legends Pro Nelson Medina Got Banned from Twitch for Making an Account Under 13

Nelson ‘Xeratricky’ Medina recently faced the wrath of the streaming platform Twitch when his account got suspended. Apparently, the Apex Legends professional player made the account over a decade ago when he was under 13.


Full report on the incident of Xeratricky Banned

The 24-year-old wanted to join the “Twitch’s Partner Program” for which he applied in August this year. However, his application was denied because of Twitch’s complaint concerning his age.

After that, Medina, on September 19, sent his identification of the Amazon owned live-streaming platform. He didn’t get any sort of response from Twitch untill 7 October. The reply contained a couple of emails from Twitch informing the streamer about his account deactivation.

Credit: Twitch

According to Twitch, when Xeratricky made the account 11 years ago he was under 13 years of age. This was against the plateform’s terms of service guidelines. Twitch’s guide for parents read, “Children under 13 may not use Twitch”.

Medina’s reaction Xeratricky Ban

The professional gamer Xeratricky, instead of getting angry, accepted his mistake and took to Twitter to announce about his account deletion to his fans.

Medina completely understood that the response of Twitch was justified and he was the one who broke the rules. However, he is also disappointed about Twitch’s lack of communication.

Apart from that, he is also worried about his money. The streamer made a humangous amount of money over the years and is not sure where that money will go now.

“well my twitch account got deleted because I was under 13 when i made the account, so i have to make a whole new account now woohoo! it would help me out a lot if you could go follow my new one 🙏”, he said in one tweet.

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Fan’s support

The fans of the streamer showered Xeratricky with immense support and love. They all quickly started following Medina’s brand new account. As a result, in just one day he got more than two thousand followers.

“What a joke man! So gutted all your hard work is down the drain! I’ll follow your new account though man!”, one fan replied to his Twitter post.

Meanwhile, the other user said, “What do they even gain from this lmao, it’s not like you’re still 13”.

Med ina expresses his gratitude


The streamer got overwhelmed by the response and decided to post on Twitter showing his gratitude for the support.

“i’m in an extremely fortunate position to get my twitch account deleted but be able to start over and get 2200 followers in a day and a ton of support in chat thank you guys seriously, i love my community and appreciate you all 🙏”, he tweeted.

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