15-Hour TikTok Potatoes: How to Make This TikTok Viral Recipe?

Food TikTok is packed with various meal preparation hacks. If you’re at all known to this useful segment of the social media platform, you know that items that involve potato are especially prevalent.

Lately, the app that brought us caramelized sweet potatoes is now all about something dubbed the 15-hour potato. As the name suggests, this mouth-watering dish takes more than half a day to make. This takes 15-hours to prepare.

The viral 15-hour potato is easy to prepare and there is very little work to do. The recipe for 15-hour Potatoes was first shared by British cookbook author, Poppy O’Toole. He is known as @poppycooks on the platform of TikTok.


Ingredients for 15-Hour Potatoes

  • 3 Lb Russet Potatoes
  • 2 t black gold garlic pepper
  • 4 Oz Fat (either Duck Fat or Beef Tallow)
  • Oil (for frying)

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How to make 15-Hour Potatoes

The first step to make the dish is to peel and thinly slice around six Maris Piper potatoes, a popular spud variety across the pond. Place the thin potato slices in a bowl and toss them with a few teaspoons of duck fat and sprinkle a pinch of salt.

Then, line a loaf pan with the help of parchment paper and carefully layer the thin potato slices on top of each other one at a time. Repeat this until they are tall and compressed.

Place another piece of parchment paper on top. Bake these potatoes in the oven at 250 F for around three hours. This is more of a potato confit.

After the potatoes have cooled down a bit, place some soup cans on top of the loaf pan. Then put it in the fridge for around 12 hours. The goal for the soup cans to compress the potatoes and keep them nice and tight.

After retrieving the potatoes from the refrigerator, remove them from the loaf pan. Then slice them horizontally into 1-inch wide pieces. You can also slice them into cubes.


Fry the slices in oil at approximately 375 F until each piece is golden brown. Sprinkle them with salt before eating.

The result is a thick potato snack that’s akin to a french fry, but better. Each piece has numerous layers. This means it’s thicker and crispier than your standard fry on the outside.

But it still has a soft inside. Just like french fries, you can eat the 15-hour potato viral burgers, steak, and grilled chicken or fish.


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