A Female TikToker “_toupoouu1” Goes Viral After Not Wearing Any Pants at The Gym Video

Yet another TikTok video went viral when a female fitness enthusiast going by the name, “_toupoouu1” posted a video on the video-sharing platform. In the video, she appeared to not wear anything at all other than her T-shirt. However, a further inspection into the matter said that the pants that she wore were of nude colors, thereby creating an “optical illusion”.


What exactly was in the video?

The users of the popular social media app are notorious for being infamous overnight for better or for worse reasons. The people on this app seem to go to any lengths to get fame overnight sometimes knowingly or other times unknowingly.

One such incident recently happened when a female fitness buff with the username, “_toupoouu1” uploaded a video in which she was lifting weights. In that video, it appeared as if she didn’t wear anything on her bottoms.

The video clip became so popular that it garnered more than 16 million views in a short amount of time.


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Was “_toupoouu1” really without pants?

It might sound as an anti-climatic moment but no, the rumors about her coming to the gym bare-legged are completely false. In fact, she was donning a pair of leggings which happened to be of “nude” colors. Besides, it perfectly matched her skin tone thereby making the users confused.

After all this drama, “_toupoouu1” posted yet another TikTok video in her gym but this time with different colored pants. It also appears as if the whole controversy doesn’t affect her at all. On the contrary, she is being quite chill about the whole situation. In her video, she also explained that she loves “nude” colors.

“I love nude colors, brown, you’ll have to get used to it bro so look at the squat”, she confirmed in the caption of her recent video.


I love nude colors, brown, you’ll have to get used to it bro so look the squat #fyp #foryou #gymtok #gymmotivation

♬ why are you so obsessed with me – ౨ৎ

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The reaction of users “_toupoouu1”

This video clip caused quite a stir among the TikTok users. Some were simply confused, some praised her for her “bold” move, while others were simply too shocked to say anything. However, some users also went as far as to judge her on the basis of her choice of clothes.

“I still don’t think it’s pants,” one user commented. Meanwhile, the other one said, “I said ‘oh she’s CONFIDENT confident’”. “Why would you choose that color?”, other user asked.

“I GASPED”, someone else commented. “This was traumatizing,” another one said. Meanwhile, a user gave an advice, “Girl. Get another color of tights”. A yet another user made the comment, “I thought she had no pants on”.


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