A Friend Of The Family: True Story of The Broberg Family and What happened to Jan Broberg?

Recently aired drama series A Friend of The Family break up the real story of the suffering faced by The Broberg Family and Jan Broberg. Let us explore this article to get some real and major insights.


True Story of The Broberg Family, what exactly happened with them

Well, The Broberg case and their true story are catching headlines on social media and people want to know what exactly happened with the Broberg.

In 1972 in Pocatello, Idaho, the Broberg family met with the Berchtold family at Chruch. The Broberg family included Robert ‘Bob’ Broberg and his wife Mary Ann along with their three daughters Jan, Susan and Karen instantly became family friends to Robert Berchtold, his wife Gail and their five Kids.

Robert Berchtold after becoming a family friend became very attached to Jan and therefore spends more and more time with her alone, also continuously flirting with Mary Ann, Robert ‘Bob’ Broberg’s wife eventually resulting in a long affair.

Therefore he sexually assaulted Mary also, and not only her, he tried to grasp her place by sexually insulating Jan, Mary’s daughter also when she was only 12 years old at that time.


He constantly kidnaps Jan, assaulted her and manipulated her by saying that he was the only one she could trust, with that he also manipulated the whole Broberg family into believing that he was a kind man.

He was a master manipulator one could imagine, after sexually insulating Jane it came to light that he even had sexual encounters with Mary Ann and thus manipulated Jan’s parents into signing affidavits that claimed that he had their consent to take Jan to Mexico with him.

After continuously kidnapping and insulating Jan, he also spent days in jail and was also transferred to a mental hospital for a few days, even being sentenced to one year in prison for insulating another child.

He even went on to stalk Jan as an adult but eventually died by suicide in 2015 after a court case in which Jan might finally receive justice.

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Who is Jan Broberg and what happened to her?

Jan Broberg is an American actress, singer and dancer. At a young age, she experienced immense sexual assault by her family friend Robert Berchtold, who kidnapped her, assaulted her and even manipulated her to have a child with him at a young age.


Jan Broberg suffered immensely as a child when constantly assaulted by her so-called family friend Robert Berchtold who constantly sexually attacked her when she was a little girl and continued when she became an adult.

Jan Broberg
Jan Broberg (Credit: Getty Images)

He even manipulated Jane’s parents and sexually assaulted both of them. Jan and her mother Mary also released their memoirs ‘Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story’ in 2003 and Berchtold then died by suicide in 2015.

Therefore Jan is now a successful actor and therefore alongside her mum she is also the executive producer of ‘A Friend of the Family’, a drama series, therefore she wanted to tell others about the act of the abuser who assaulted her many times.


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