A Georgia Southern University Student, Sani Aliya was Killed on A Date by Rented Plane’s Propeller

Sani Aliya, a Georgia Southern University student killed on a date by a plane propeller, and people on social media are questioning what exactly happened to him, and how it went it all. Let us explore this article to get some official details.


Georgia Southern University College Student killed

Sani Aliya, A college student from Georgia Southern University recently killed after walking into a Cessna plane’s propeller, has created a suspicious feeling among fans regarding what exactly happened.

The Cessna plane hired by the University Student to go on a date with his woman, therefore he hired the Cessna plane to go on a date with her, the university student, was a sophomore at the University and majored in management.

The Recent death of Georgia Southern University has bombarded the internet therefore people are thus concerned and showcasing their views on social media.

Sani Aliya

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What was the reason behind the death of Sani Aliya?


Sani Aliya was a student at Georgia Southern University and was originally from Nigeria. In order to surprise his date, he arranged for a Cessna to fly them 58 miles from Statesboro to Savannah. His date with her was the focus of the flight that a pilot and co-pilot were flying.

Sani Aliya walked to the front of the jet when the doors opened, where he was twice hit by the propeller of the aircraft on the back of the head. The female buddy of the 21-year-old then stepped off and moved to the back of the aircraft, while Sani headed forward.

Sani Aliya had flown to Savannah on a date with a female friend and when the propeller struck him twice in the head he died instantly at the moment.

Although an ambulance dispatched to the scene of the incident at the airport’s ramp area at 10:45 p.m., according to Bulloch County Coroner Jake Futch, Aliyu passed away right away.

Jake Futch also stated ‘They flew to Savannah to go on a date, flew back, landed at the Statesboro Airport, and the young lady got off the plane and walked toward the back of the plane, and he got off the aeroplane and walked toward the front of the plane, and when he did, the propeller hit him,’ 


What are the police authorities stating regarding the death?

Well, the police authorities are in the process of an investigation. According to Captain Todd Hutchens of the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, police were dispatched on Sunday night to gather information, but the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board were informed of the facts.

As stated by Hutchens ‘Nobody is really at fault or anything, it was an accident, so we just have to communicate all of our information with them,’

Another police spokesperson Steve Kulm also stated ‘The FAA and NTSB will investigate. The NTSB will be in charge of the investigation and will provide all updates,’ 


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