A Karen Tried to Board Disneyland Ride Via Exit TikTok Video Goes Viral

A woman named Karen became famous on TikTok after the recent Disneyland fiasco. In the video, she can be seen boarding the “Alice in Wonderland” ride. However, the woman, with her kid, tried boarding the ride from the exit and without joining in the queue.


What exactly happened?

“Alice in Wonderland” ride is a very popular Disneyland ride that encompasses the White Rabbit’s house and Queen of Heart’s garden, and characters like the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat. This ride usually has a waiting time of 15 to 20 minutes.

Karen who was spouting a bunch of abuses to the staff members for not letting her join by unfair means got recently popular on the video-sharing platform. The overlay text on the said video read, “Karen tried to get on the ride from the exit”. The video has garnered more than 1.2 million views.

In that video, it can be seen that the woman was sitting with her child in a cart of “Alice in Wonderland” ride of Disneyland. However, in that 40-second clip, something happened and she shouted, “No!!”, after which she was apparently kicked out.


After some seconds into the clip, she yelled, “It’s ridiculous!” and walked away furiously. But, after some time she requested to speak to the cast members in front of the ride’s gate. She shouted, “I would like you to call someone, thank you very much”.

Apparently, Karen asked some staff member, “Are you in charge?”. However, when she noticed that some onlookers were filming her video, she got angry and yelled, “Are you video-taping me? F**k you!”.

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TikTok users react to the “Karen” fiasco

When people started watching this video, some users got furious with her while wondering what kind of person will do something like that. Ot hers, however, simply snatched this golden opportunity to make fun of her.


One user commented, “Just holding her kid like that??? i’d pay so much money to know what these type of people are thinking”.

“Not her asking for the manager of Disneyland lmao”, someone mocked. Meanwhile, the other joked, “Video taping? Oh man, 1990 just called!”.

“How can someone be like this at DISNEYLAND”, “Why are people not embarrassed when they act like this??”, were the other comments.

“families often spend THOUSANDS to go there only to act like that and get banned”, someone else commented. “I feel bad for her kid, too…I can’t imagine she treats them very well”, one user wrote.

“Why do adults act like this? Like she’s ruining her child’s experience”, someone wrote while sympathizing with her kid.


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