A TikTok User ‘nottherealhannahb’ Goes Viral After Story Behind Her Drunk Husband Holding Newborn

A TikTok user named ‘nottherealhannahb’ recently went viral on the popular video sharing app. Apparently, she posted a video of her husband holding her newly born child. This child was born about 1 month earlier while the user’s husband was still drunk partying.


What exactly happened?

TikTok is notorious for making random videos popular overnight. This time it was a Dallas, Texas resident named Hannah Barnett. She took to TikTok to post about a memorable incident that happened with her with a funny backstory.

The user was about Eight months pregnant when suddenly she started to have pain. According to the video, her water broke about four weeks earlier than the specified date which resulted in hilarious chaos of confusing instructions. She gave birth on 4th of July at around 5 am when her husband was drunk.


He packed 3 bathing suits and our dog ate all the “juice” #waterbroke

#laboranddelivery #earlylabor #husbandreaction #frenchbulldog #4am #4thofjuly #placentabreathdudley #howmuchjuicecameout #fyp #hewantedtosleepin ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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In her TikTok video which was posted on October 7, Thursday, she said that her husband was still inebriated during her whole labor and delivery process. The husband had difficulty understanding the whole situation as he was helping Hannah, his wife to go to the hospital and preparing the necessary utilities for the same.

Hannah’s husband is seemingly flustered and confused while he trying to listen to her wife’s instructions. In that video, the wife is telling Cole, her husband to pack around three days worth of clothes. Meanwhile, her husband couldn’t believe the news and said in distress, “But I’m tired!”.

“Thinking about the time my water broke 4 weeks early on the 4th of July and my husband was still hammered from the night before”, her caption read. Also, in her description, she decided to be witty and funny. Hence, she said, “He packed 3 bathing suits and our dog ate all the ‘juice’”.

This video has garnered more than 1.8 million views which resulted in a variety of mixed responses from users.

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The mixed response of the viewers on TikTok

While some people found this to be funny and replied with various laughing emojis, others stole this chance to get angry on the carelessness of the husband. In a whole comedic fiasco, the viewers roasted Cole left, right and centre.

“Girl HOW were you so calm & nice!”, one viewer said in an angry response. Meanwhile the other replied, “’I’m tired’, I would have had steam coming out my ears”. However, another one responded, “Those days of sleeping in are over my friend”.

“My husband and I made a pact that he wouldn’t drink from 36 weeks and on because this is exactly how it would go lol 😂 this is great!”, the female user gave a funny response.

Even after so much chaos, the baby came into this world without any complications for which many users were thankful.

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