Aaron Carter’s Ex Lindsay Lohan Sends Prayer to His Family

Aaron Carter has died and people are thus very sad and in grief for the death of the legend in the music industry. Let us explore this article so to know some more details.


Aaron Carter’s Ex Lindsay Lohan Pays Tribute to his family over his death

Aaron Carter has died which has spread over the internet like wildfire. Since his death has been the greatest news of all time, another big thing is his ex-girlfriends paying him tribute and remembering their moments with him.

Recently Lindsay Lohan came up with her mourning statement and paid tribute to the late singer. The American actress reacted to her ex-boyfriend’s death during her recent interview where he also provided her support to the Carter family.

While recently in her interview Lindsay spoke about the memories she shared with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter, therefore she stated

“So many from when I was so young, just that era of my life and my prayers go out to his family and may he rest in peace and God bless”.


Lindsay and Aaron Carter dated in the 2000s. At that time, Lindsay made headlines when she and Hilary Duff were in news after being in a love triangle. Therefore Aaron Carter started dating Lohan after splitting from Hilary.

Moreover, not only Lindsay but Hilary also paid tribute to Aaron by sending prayers to his family and recounting her memories with Aaron.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter (Credit: Getty Images)

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How did the singer die?

Aaron Carter recently on Saturday died at the age of 34. The singer was found dead at his California, US home after a 911 call was made by his worker stating that he died in a bathtub.

However, the cause of his death is unknown, as per reports, the late singer died of addiction issues which might be one of the reasons for his death.

Moreover, the singer also went on public and shared his addiction to drugs and substance abuse, and he also went to drug rehabilitation centres to improve his situation.

However, the reason behind his death is not yet identified by the sheriff but it’s very saddening to see the singer struggling with substance abuse and even trying to improve it but nothing happened.


Backstreet Boys pays tribute to Aaron Carter

After the death of Aaron Carter, the Backstreet Boys also paid tribute to Aaron Carter. Following his death, his brother Nick Carter also shared a heartbreaking note for the singer’s sudden death.

Therefore the band even paid tribute to their brother during their London concert, stating

“The next song is about family. We all grew up together. We’ve been through highs and lows, ups and downs, you guys have been through it with us. Tonight, we’ve got a little bit of heavy hearts because we lost one of our family members yesterday.” 


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