Aaron Hogue, A Pilot Crashed An L-29 Super Delfin Jet in Nevada’s Reno Air Race

Recently the Air Racing Champion Aaron Hogue died and people are very sad about the sudden dismissal of the Air Racing Champion. All condolences are given to the Pilot but fans do also want to know what exactly happened with him. Let us read this article so to get some major insights.


Who was Pilot Aaron Hogue?

Aaron Hogue was a pilot who has been a greater name in the Air Racing community. He was 61 years old American pilot and the Owner and President of Hogue, Inc. His company Hogue manufactures several different product lines from firearms to accessories to Knives.

As per sources, Aaron Hogue always had an interest in flying planes. When he was young, he built a plastic scale model of an L-29 plane, which was the same kind of aircraft he piloted at the air races on Sunday.

Aaron also took some introductory flights at the age of 16 and finally got his ticket in 1987 after spending time in the Navy as an Electronics Technician.


Hogue’s journey as an experienced pilot man led him to fly the Aero L-29 Super Delfin- a military jet trainer he used to clock a top speed of 513 mph and test his skills at the air races.

In 2021, Racing Jets Inc. also named Hogue as the Rookie of the Year 2021.

Aaron Hogue

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What happened to Pilot Aaron Hogue? How did he die?

It was a very shocking incident that happened on Sunday when footage posted on Twitter started off with two planes that were racing across the Reno mountains in Nevada, when one of them gets very close and low therefore it crashes into a field.

The planes quickly started sending their flames and quickly erupted into the blaze as thousands of fans also watched the horrifying incident with many watching it with the live stream.

The planes also bounced several times and pieces of the plane were also falling off.

With this, the Reno Air Racing Association also confirmed at a press conference that L- 29 pilot Aaron Hogue and 61 died in a crash during the Jet Gold Race on Sunday.


What is the Air Racing Association saying with regard to Hogue’s death?

While each and everyone mourned the death of Aaron Hogue, the Reno Air Racing Association’s CEO and chairman Fred Telling stated “While we cannot change this tragedy, I would ask everybody to think, pray and honour Aaron for his passion for life and certainly his passion for air racing,” 


The CEO also gave condolences to Hogue’s family by stating “(We) express our deepest sympathies to the pilot’s family and friends,”

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