‘Aiden’ TikTok Video Goes Viral: Watch Kids in WWE Mode Hilarious Video

There’s a new viral TikTok that’s taking the internet by storm after a toddler named “Aiden” threatens to hit his cousin with a plastic chair and viewers can’t stop laughing.

What is Aiden video – going viral on Tiktok

Originally known for lip-syncing to dance clips and songs, TikTok has replaced Vine as the internet’s one-stop shop for viral videos.

Almost everything you can imagine has gone viral at some point for short-form video sharing apps. Users are still amazed by the “Harry Potter” broomstick and optical illusions like TikToker sharing a house.

One clip, which isn’t as optical an illusion as some parents would like it to be, sees a toddler picking up a chair and trying to hit him on the head, threatening to step on his cousin.

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This clip, originally shared by TikToker MommaMoe21, shows two cousins ​​playing. But the fun takes a turn when one of her two, Amory, already starts biting Aiden, one of hers. Aiden at first tries to stop him from biting his cousin by patting him on the head. A cry of disapproval comes from the person behind the camera.

However, after it continues, he aims at the chair and lifts it up to slap his cousin on the head. There’s a slight panic “Aiden, no!” But even they see the funny side of things and have a good laugh.

The clip went viral on TikTok and Twitter, garnering more than 6 million combined views.

“He said they don’t want me to use my hands, I’ll use a chair then,” joked one commenter. “He said y’all won’t stop him from biting me so he’s about to go Night Night,” added another. “Aiden said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” chimed in another.

Due to the unusual twist at the end of the video, it may be seen on the internet for some time.

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