Alexander Tung Cuu Lee, An American Passenger Punched A Flight Attendant

Recently a very shocking incident happened, which raises numerous questions among the people. After the shocking incident of Alexander Tung Cuu Lee, an American Passenger Punching a flight attendant, people are getting very inquisitive and curious regarding the most dangerous situation that happened on an Airline. Let us explore to get some insights.


Who is Alexander Tung Cuu Lee?

Alexander Tung Cuu Lee is a 33-year-old man, who is currently the suspect of punching the flight attendant. He is from Westminster, UK.

He is currently trending on social media platforms and is also receiving major hate from the action which he has so far committed on a running flight.

What did Alexander Tung Cuu Lee do to the Flight Attendant?

Well, a video got pretty much viral on social media where a 33-year-old man caught punching a flight attendant, in the back during a flight from Mexico to Los Angeles International Airport.

As per sources, Alexander punched the flight attendant who was performing his beverage service and he then asked for coffee, with that he walked towards the front of the plane. Alexander then went near the first class section of the plane and sat in an aisle until another flight attendant asked him to return to his seat. But Lee who created a fighting posture basically swing his arm toward the flight attendant and punched him who was at the front part of the plane.


The assault caught by another passenger on plain sparked over the internet with many people criticizing Alexander for his assault on the flight attendant.

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Is Alexander Tung Cuu Lee now arrested?

After the punching incident, Lee began to rush towards the back of the plane. The flight authorities at that moment detained him with the flight attendant also not begin severely injured.

Lee is also going to make his initial court appearance in the federal court in Los Angeles. If found guilty of the offence, he could be facing up to 20 years in prison.


The suspect is so far been detained by the Los Angeles Police Department pending an investigation of the incident which could see him facing up to 20 years in prison.

What are the Airlines saying in regards to the incident?

American Airlines where the whole assault incident took place, the authorities of the Airlines has released a statement in regards to the violence that took place on the flight.

The spokesperson of American Airlines Derek Walls restricted the travelling of the suspect in future and they also stated that the authority is all ready to work closely with law enforcement in their investigation.


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