Amber Heard’s Lawyer Calls Johnny Depp A ‘monster’ in The Closing Argument

Amber Heard’s Lawyer calls Johnny Depp a ‘monster’ in the closing argument. The parties in the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have begun their final arguments. On Friday, the attorneys for the exes began presenting their final arguments in the ongoing trial that is taking place in Fairfax, Virginia. In their statements, the attorneys went through a significant portion of the allegations. That has been against each side since the trial began on April 11. Vasquez further accused Heard of “deep cruelty” and said that Heard “entered this courtroom prepared to deliver the performance of her life, and she provided it. Heard was accused of performing her life. On Wednesday, Depp made his last appearance in court as a witness. During which he discussed the influence that Heard’s testimony had on his life.


Amber Heard’s Lawyer Calls Johnny Depp A ‘monster’ in The Closing Argument

Camille Vasquez, an attorney for Johnny Depp, responded to Amber Heard’s abuse claims against Depp, 58, stating, “You either believe all of it or none. Either she has been subject to genuinely awful abuse. Or she is a woman who is prepared to say anything at all. One of the two explanations must be correct. On the other side, during his closing remarks, the attorney for the Aquaman actress, Ben Rottenborn

, declared. According to reports, “If he mistreated her one time, Amber wins. He also accused Depp of having “virtually all” of his witnesses on his payroll. Rottenborn made both of these statements.

Heard and Depp got married in 2015, but their marriage ended in May 2016. After Heard requested a restraining order and filed for divorce. Johnny Depp denied the charges that she had been abused. And in August of 2016, the exes agreed to resolve their differences outside of court. And also in November 2020, Depp’s lawsuit against the British tabloid The Sun for libel for its characterization of him as a “wife-beater” was unsuccessful. The court determined that the claims made by the outlet were “substantially accurate” and that Heard provided testimony to support those allegations. However, in March of 2021, Depp’s attempt to get the verdict overturned was unsuccessful.

Amber Heard's Lawyer
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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

“No human being is perfect, not even close. But I have never committed sexual assault and the ridiculous. Unbelievable claims that I did these things and lived with them and waited to get the truth out for six years are just ridiculous and outrageous,” he said.

Depp’s ex-wife penned a recent piece for The Washington Post claiming that he has become “a public figure symbolizing domestic violence. Therefore, he has sued her for defamation.


Even though he did not mention anything to this effect during the couple’s restraining order-filled divorce in 2016. Depp has maintained that he never mistreated Heard for the last three years. The actor who lost the movie Fantastic Beasts series asserts that he was the target of abusive behavior in the relationship. After Heard’s attempts to have the case thrown out were unsuccessful. And also she responded in the summer of 2020 by filing a countersuit for $100 million. This countersuit was only a few short months before Johnny Depp’s first libel suit in the United Kingdom against The Sun tabloid for labeling him a “wife abuser” was unsuccessful.


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