American Monster Explores The Brutal Murder of Doris Hoskins

The latest episode of American Monster explores the brutal murder of Doris Hoskins and the evidence surrounding it. The Investigation Discovery true-crime series aired the episode on the 10th of July at 9/8c.


The Crime Scene of Doris Hoskins

American Monster‘s latest episode shows the brutal murder of Doris Hoskins. 43-year-old Doris Hoskins’s body was discovered in a pool of its own blood on the early morning of January 8, 2016. When the investigators arrived at the scene of the murder, they immediately noted the obvious signs of a murder. A hammer was discovered at the crime scene and Doris had several blunt force injuries on her body and head.

Circumstantial evidence led to Mark Andrews, her husband, becoming the prime suspect in the investigation. Subsequently, investigators managed to prove that he was indeed the killer.

Doris Hoskins and Mark Andrew’s friend Don were living with the couple at the time of the incident. He found Doris dead in a pool of her own blood and immediately called 911 at around 4:30 am.   


The obvious hammer injuries led the investigators to rule her death as a possible case of Homicide.

Alibi Of The Prime Suspect: Mark Andrews

Their first suspect was Mark, based on the belief that he was present in the room during the murder. They later discovered the suspected weapon of assault, the hammer in that very room.

Mark’s statement alleged that it was an intruder who murdered Doris. However, there was no circumstantial evidence to back this up. There was no hint of a forced entry, into the house or in the safe, even though the safe’s door was open at that time. Even the couple’s dogs guarding the property made no noise, further indicating that the murderer was an insider and not an intruder.

Dor is Hoskins
Doris Hoskins and Mark Andrews (Doris Hoskins Andrews/Facebook)

Mark Andrews’s alibi during questioning was that he was on the way to his regular casino that night at 2:15. However, he had to return home within 2 hours when he discovered that he had left his gambling money at home.

A surveillance camera installed at the local gas station backs up this claim. The footage shows Mark at the casino during the time of the murder. He even sent a text message to Doris about returning home.

However, investigators believe this alibi is a set-up, Mark Andrews carefully planned to get away with murder.

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What Investigation Revealed

According to investigators, Doris was concerned about Mark’s gambling addiction. Apparently, she also told her friends that she was thinking about divorce. They confirmed that Andrews spent quite some time at his casino and lost money over a period of time.

Doris was the sole breadwinner and had set aside $300,000 on a life insurance policy making her husband a beneficiary. She did this keeping her family’s future in mind.

Investigators suspect the insurance money was Mark’s motive for murder. In February of 2018, in conclusion to a thorough investigation, they found Mark Andrews guilty of his wife‘s murder. The Court sentenced him to life in prison. He will be eligible for parole in 2046.


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