Amouranth in Abusive Relationship: Instagram & Twitch Star Shares The News in A Stream

A 28 year old Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa also known as “Amouranth” recently released a now deleted stream on Twitch. In that stream, she talked about how her husband harassed her financially and emotionally. Many famous people have come forward in her defence and her support.


Who is Amouranth ?

Kaitlyn Siragusa is a popular Only Fans creator and a Twitch streamer with more than 3.6 million followers on Twitch. She started her Twitch journey on 2016, with her focus being cosplay.

However, she gradually shifted towards “hot tub meta”. Now, she usually streams from her hot tubs in her bikinis doing things like play video games, write the names of donors on her body, or do tarot readings for her viewers.

Amouranth (Credit: Twitter)

Amouranth reveals that her husband abuses her

Amouranth, on Saturday disclosed her marital status which everyone believed was single and told about her condition. Her husband, apparently, forced her to do Twitch streams, threatened to kill her dogs and abused her financially and emotionally. Her stream has been deleted, however, the clips can be found on YouTube.


“I’m basically living in a fancy prison”, she said in the stream. Supposedly, her husband was the one to tell her to stream in her bikinis. Apart from that, he also told Amouranth to tell everyone that she was single. According to him, disclosing that she is married will “ruin the business model”.

She then went on to show her chats with her husband. In those screenshots, it can be seen that he was using derogatory terms like “dumb fuck”. Besides, he also threatened to throw off her merch and delete all her social media accounts.

Amouranth said on the stream, “Keeps you there with the fear and the threats, and you fear that he’s going to do something to your animals. And then he’s nice again and says, ‘Everything’s going to be OK’”.

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Amouranth gets support from friends and celebrities

Alinity, one of her close friends shared on Twitch that she tried reaching out to Amouranth but was not successful. However, she then called the police and informed, “the police can’t tell me anything about whether or not she is OK, and that is literally all I can do”.

Meanwhile, another streamer Valkyrae took to Twitter and said, “It’s disgusting seeing the internet continue to invalidate and dehumanise victims of abuse. What Amouranth has been trapped in is very real… especially having joint accounts, married, dealing with threats, etc. I hope she gets the freedom and relief any human in abuse deserves”.  


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