Andrew Tate, Criticized for Promoting ‘Rape Culture’ on Tik Tok

Andrew Tate has been criticized, for promoting rape culture on TikTok. But it also seems like he has drawn the attention of many which have helped him gain more followers.

What has the former kickboxer and Big Brother star done that got him criticism?

A charity has asked TikTok to take down Andrew Tate from TikTok because of his misogynistic viewpoints.


Andrew Tate Promoting ‘Rape Culture’ on Tik Tok

According to the charity, Andrew has said various disturbing things about women, which of course does not appreciate. He has said things like, “women belong in the home”, “women are men’s property”, and ” women can’t drive”.

He also made a statement saying rape survivors must bear responsibility for their attacks. This statement of his raises red flags, how and why would anyone ever make such a disturbing statement? knowing very well, that their statement of theirs would hurt the sentiments of many.

Andrew Tate TikTok
Andrew Tate

Andrew’s TikTok videos wherein he made such harsh comments have been viewed over 11.6 billion times, and those comments of his have gained him more followers. His presence became so popular that in the last three months he has been searched on google more than Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian.


The same charity has said that Tate’s comments are extremely misogynistic and might have disturbing effects, on the younger audience on a long-term basis.

After his elimination from the reality show Big Brother, Andrew went viral because of an online video. Wherein, he was seen beating a woman with a belt, while calling her horrible names. And making her keep a count of the injuries she had.

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The negative criticism he faced after that

Soon after that, he made it clear that the video was a mere role play, and there was no one harmed. He continued by saying, the woman in the video was a friend of his. He further said the woman was also okay with the role-playing thing.

In a statement made on Facebook, he said at the time, ”They cut out all the sound cause she’s LAUGHING in the video. And they cut off the end of the video where she gets the belt and hits me back while we’re both laughing. What bullsh**t. It was 2012 and we were having a laugh.”

During the #MeToo movement, Tate was again in controversy, for the tweet he made. Which goes, “S*xual harassment is disgusting and inexcusable. However, a man looking at you or whistling at you, or asking your name isn’t harassment. Women have been exchanging sex for the opportunity for a very long time. Some did this. Weren’t abused. […] If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must bare [sic] some responsibility.”

Twitter soon, suspended his account and took down his tweets. He later moved to Romania and said that t is easier to get off on rape charges in Eastern European countries. He even portrayed his views through Youtube wherein he said,

“I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of just being able to do what I want. I like being free.” His YouTube channel had previously posted the video, but it has subsequently been taken down.


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