Anna May Wong Husband: Who was The Late American Actress’ Partner

Hollywood’s renowned actress Anna May Wong would be well-known. Known as the heart of Hollywood, she has achieved milestones and contributed immensely to the field of cinema. Many of today’s generations are unknown of this legendary actress, let us explore this article to know some rich details about her.


Who is Anna May Wong?

Anna May Wong was an American actress, considered the first Chinese American film star in Hollywood, as well as the first Chinese-American actress to gain International recognition.

She was born in Los Angeles in 1905 as Wong Liu Tsong was one of seven children of her parents. She, therefore, started her career acting in her teens and thus quickly became a big star, with roles in movies, TV and theatre.

With her acting and her successful filming career, she broke all kinds of barriers as both a woman and an Asian American. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was awarded to her in 1960 when she appeared in one of the first films produced in Technicolor.

Anna May Wong
Anna May Wong (Credit: Getty Images)

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Why did she leave Hollywood?

After having a tremendous name, fame and success in the Industry, she faced a lot of discrimination coming of age in America in the early 20th century.

Since at that time people who were of Chinese descent had to carry identification papers in order to prove to the industry people that they were allowed to be in the country.

Wong faced a lot of racial discrimination also in the industry after regularly asked by the makers to compete against white actresses wearing “Yellowface” for roles and thus given stereotypical roles either playing a villain or a passive woman in films.

But after losing a part in an adaptation of Pearl Buck’s “The Good Earth to Luise Rainer”, her career eventually started to fade away.

Who was Anna May Wong’s Husband?

Anna May Wong never married, due to which she did not have a husband. But her personal relationships typically were with older Caucasian men, but at that time California law forbade marriage between Asians and Caucasians until 1848.


One of her white lovers also offered to marry her in Mexico but later he backed off. Anna also wanted to marry a Chinese guy but at that time actresses in china considered as prostitutes, therefore she thought that marrying a Chinese would force her to quit her career and be an obedient wife, which she did not want to do.

How did Anna May Wong die?

Anna died therefore in 1961, her official cause of death was a heart attack, but she had liver disease for years before her death.


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