Anna Paul OnlyFans: The Model’s Perth Meet-and-Greet Canceled

An outstanding TikTok and OnlyFans celebrity Anna Paul has had her Perth exhibition closed by cops due to public havoc.

Anna Paul, age 23, has been visiting Australia in the role of her partnership with activewear brand STAX.

But during the fan meet-and-greet occasion at Perth’s Hay Street Mall on Sunday unrest surged, with an enormous crowd of youngsters heading to glimpse the star.

Organisers predicted 200-300 people to visit, but a considerably enormous crowd appeared.

Cops said they were urged to act after conflicts started to boil over among the mob and line jumping headed to various people falling and requiring medical aid.

Footage placed on TikTok reveals the fans staying outside chanting.


The Perth Meet and Greet 🖤 We love you

♬ original sound – Anna Paul

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Police was trying to disperse them.

Due to the amount of the crowd and the absence of proper protection and other event planning in spot to confront with the larger-than-expected crowd.

The undertaking closed in talk with store supervision and the Police began to disperse the public from the area.

There was a line of fans for this event at 8 in the morning.

Someone insisted enthusiasts had camped overnight to address the celebrity.


“I got there at 2 am and got to see her but only for a break next and hardly could tell anything but extremely thankful.

Organisers anticipated about 200 to 300 people to accompany the event at Hay Street Mall on Sunday – but a considerably enormous group accompanied rather, the New York Post broadcasted.


Those poor people who stayed overnight!

♬ original sound – Christian Shay

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A post to TikTok demonstrated people getting pushed and poked as they stayed.

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Anna Paul apologizes on Social Media

The Queenslander Anna Paul, who has over five million TikTok enthusiasts and two million on Instagram, published to social media apologizing for the incident being terminate due and telling Anna Paul’ strived to help cops to control it.

‘Stax needed to organise the event, it didn’t appear that the police and committee rangers just realized this event was straight happening,’ she said.


we love you more than you could imagine

♬ original sound – Atis Paul

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Anna Paul memory of events incited a further backlash against Stax.

‘Stax wanted to do nicely. Understanding how many of Anna Paul’ lovers are, they built an uncertain environment,’ one watcher stated.

Following added: ‘Stax are certainly to accuse here, and they strived to change positions the blame on the cops, but they’re the ones who were negligent of their event.’

“Due to security, the West Australian Police had to close down the Perth meet and greet early,” she put down.


“It came to be a big security barrier also.”

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She thanks her lovers

“Thank you for being incredible,” she wrote.

“Although, I am precisely sorry. We tried our best to operate with the police but it got extremely abundant.”

“Your security is our #1 concern always. I love you.”

The program was to begin at midday and stop at 4 pm.

Anna Paul blew on social media after fans saw her sprout from a “broke” young lady into a hugely prosperous content creator.

Anna Paul just worked together with activewear brand “STAX” and built a limited-edition variety, which took off on presale at 7 am on Friday.


The collection includes leggings, athletic bras, hats, stockings, skirts and dresses.

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