Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Guillaume Pineault’ Performance at ComediHa!, At A Glance

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Guillaume Pineault hosted the last gala ComediHa! of the 2022 edition.

The duo rose to the challenge of couple animation with flying colors.

They first mentioned that it was their psychologist who advised them to share the stage together.

They teased each other on a few subjects, before Anne-Élisabeth Bossé criticized her husband for the poor quality of the photos he took of her.

The actress had even brought evidence of what she was saying. Her vacation memories were particularly delightful.


Chemistry between both artists

The chemistry between the two artists was palpable and their comedic timing impeccable.

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Guillaume Pineault
Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Guillaume Pineault

Guillaume Wagner was the first guest of the evening. He addressed his new reality as a father and a suburbanite.

With his full-bodied gags and colorful comparisons (“having young children is like being the bodyguard of a problematic and alcoholic Hollywood star”), Guillaume Wagner amazes at each of his appearances on stage and this Friday evening was therefore no exception to the rule.

Drag queen Barbara followed him on the Capitol stage with her big storybook.

This Fanfreluche on acid offered a completely offbeat and particularly effective tale for adults.

Martin Perizzolo, for his part, recounted his misadventures with sleep apnea. The great mastery of his text forgave his lack of originality.

Jean-Thomas Jobin, always absurd and hilarious, followed with a number on a trick he played on one of his good friends and which lasted no less than six months.

He had then passed himself off as a visual artist of dubious talent and offered his works to his comrade, who dared not snub him.

To conclude the first half of their gala, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Guillaume Pineault proposed a sketch on “The secret society of known couples”, the SSCC.

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The second half

Charles Lafortune and Sophie Prégent, on video, lecture Guillaume Pineault who had dared to wear the company’s jersey in public, thus revealing its existence.

The group’s guardians of order, François Papineau and Bénédicte Décary, then arrived on stage to the cheers of the crowd.

Charles Lafortune and Sophie Prégent
Charles Lafortune and Sophie Prégent

Pascal Morrissette and Julie Ringuette, the “gossant” couple of the secret training, also participated in the number, as did Florence Longpré and Pascal Cameron, ready to do anything to join the SSCC, even sleeping with Marie-Claude Barrette and Mario Dumont.

Bosseé-Pineaults’ childhood dreams

When they returned to the stage in the second half, the Bossé-Pineaults talked about their childhood dreams

Slurring certain shows from their youth, including “Pin-Pon”, which the comedian from St-Hyacinthe identifies as the first homosexual characters.

“They are called Pin-Pin and Pon-Pon, weren’t going to call them Top and Bottom either,” he said to convince his wife of his presumption.

Comparing world of humor to village of smurfs

They also compared the world of humor in an admirable way to the village of the Smurfs: full of guys, a girl and a wizard who terrorizes everyone.

Jean-Michel Martel, always completely absurd, appeared on stage with a ladder, a picnic tablecloth, a suitcase of snakes and kitty dice in order to reproduce the creation of the Snakes and Ladders game.


It was quirky, but funny refreshing.

This was followed by François Boulianne who proposed a number on people’s discomfort with sadness. His controlled stand-up hit his target.

Then, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé invited her friends Suzie Bouchard, Florence Longpré and Katherine Levac for a “girls” number.

The second level of their proposal was highly delicious. Their sharp and intelligent texts made this proposal a great success, one of the best moments of the gala.

I then wanted to buy myself a cooking magazine, but I said to myself: “you’re really submissive” Faque I just pissed on the ground.”


Matthieu Pepper, one of the favorite comedians of Quebecers in recent years, ensured thanks to an irreproachable quickdraw and a sympathetic character in a number on his dog.

He got one of the only standing ovations, by the way.

In the final, the animators learned that they still had the budget so decided to make dreams come true.

The presence of Stéphane Fallu, a little too sympathetic stooge, shone in this charming number

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