Anne Gieske, A Kentucky Student Killed in Seoul Halloween Stampede

Two American college students killed more than 150 people in a small alley in south Korea’s Seoul. Anne Gieske was one of those victims. Anne Gieske just completed her first semester there in South Korea. The president of the University Of Kentucky said that she was in South Korea just for the semester. She originally belonged to Northern Kentucky. She was planning for future studies in foreign countries.

Gieske belonged to the Korean Language and Culture Club in the UK, according to sources. In a statement, the company informed WKYT that Gieske “was a very kind and outgoing person. We all feel sorry to hear about her loss and we hope that she would rest in peace.”


Anne Gieske’ educational details, from where she belonged

Anne Gieske was a 20 years nursing student in her junior year of college. She was originally from North Kentucky. She attended Beechwood High School and graduated in the year 2020. Anne was an active member of the marching band. She worked closely with the current string instruments and drum majors. In the summer, Anne volunteered for Marching Tigers.

Anne Gieske recently turned 20 a few days back. This is clear from her social media post from two days ago.


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About the incident which took many lives

Children and teenagers were killed. Many people were injured and many were dead and the number of deaths could increase as many people who were injured are in very critical condition.

There were approximately one l akh people who participated in the Halloween festival. Everyone gathered in Itaewon. The festival was celebrated in a huge manner. The rules were very strict, and social gatherings was banned during the pandemic


The rules on the COVID-19 pandemic were a bit loosened by the government, in recent times. So it was a good chance for everyone to go out and celebrate and a great chance for young people to go out and enjoy the party as they

The crowd couldn’t be handled at that time

‘We have been in contact with Anne’s family and will provide whatever support we can now and in the days ahead as they cope with this indescribable loss,” –

“We will be there for those in our community who knew and loved Anne.”

Capilouto, President Of Kentucky University

The loss of lives is mourned by people all over the world, including the victim’s family, her close friends, and the people she knew.


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