Anne Heche was Reported ‘high on cocaine’ When Her Car Accident Happened

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, actress Anne Heche had cocaine in her system after the fiery car accident she was engaged in late last week.

Heche is currently under investigation and could be charged with felony DUI charges. As preliminary tests revealed the presence of narcotics in her blood, a public information officer informed EW on Thursday. However, additional testing will be necessary to rule out any drugs that may have been given during post-crash medical care.


What exactly happened?

Around 11 a.m. on August 5, Heche struck a house with her car in the Los Angeles suburb of Mar Vista. It ignited both the car and the house. According to a spokesperson for Wag the Dog and Another World actress, Heche is in a coma and in “extreme critical condition”.

She had sustained “significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.” the spokesperson said.

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About the case of Anne Heche

Authorities stated in a news release on Thursday that the case is “still an active and ongoing investigation”. They are now gathering more information. Such as the final toxicology results and the medical records of both people involved.

The press statement also stated that “once all pertinent information has been gathered,” investigators want to refer the case to either the L.A. County District Attorney or the L.A. City Attorney’s office.

The Los Angeles Times reports that it “could take anywhere from 30 to 90 days, and Heche wouldn’t be detained or arrested until those results are released.” The Times and TMZ have also stated that Heche’s initial blood test revealed the presence of cocaine in her system, in accordance with anonymous law enforcement sources.

Anne Heche
Anne Heche (Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Anne Heche’s current health status

The troubled actress suffered

significant burns from the crash-related fire, as seen in footage of her burnt back. To put out the fires, about 60 firefighters were needed. She may also be seen driving erratically in footage taken prior to the collision, notably when she sped past a pedestrian in an alleyway.

The “Donnie Brasco” actress has battled substance abuse her entire life. She is also well known for her high-profile relationship with Ellen DeGeneres in the 1990s.

Her loved ones are now pleading for a “miracle” as they worry that she could die from smoke inhalation. “She is in a terrible condition. The smoke inhalation is life-threatening,” Heche’s close buddy informed the Daily Mail this. Another pal said, “She needs everyone’s prayers. She is in the worst state you can imagine. Whatever you believe in, please pray for her, please.”


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