Anneka Rice Shares That She Almost Killed Her Father Out of Love with A Pillow

The popular television presenter Anneka Rice has shared a horrible incident about how she was very close to killing her own father after watching him suffer from Alzheimer’s. She talked on her show “Anneka Has Issues” that airs on BBC Radio 4.

The 63-years old Anneka Rice revealed that Her father was diagnosed with the severe neuro-degenerative disorder in 2005. And since then he suffered almost a decade in the hospitals. She openly talked about the issues her family dealt with. Anneka Rice admitted, ”He was dazed and confused and it broke my heart. I’d visit every day, a three-hour round trip, and I remember vividly looking at my dad, usually so dapper, and now so broken in that hospital bed. And I looked and I looked, deep into my soul, and I looked at the pillow and I took one of his pillows. And I looked round the ward and I held the pillow up. I wanted so much to help him on his way – as all our elderly parents say to us ”please don’t let me linger in pain”.

Anneka Rice admitted how she couldn’t keep going with the act, “But when the time comes it’s almost impossible to do the deed. Murder I don’t think is naturally in our DNA.”


Anneka Rice Father Battling Dementia

The Treasure Hunt presenter shared with the listeners that her father was admitted to hospital with a broken hip during his dementia battle. She previously shared her father’s battle with dementia with Alzheimer’s Research UK, “When my father started to develop dementia, he retained his sweet and gentle nature, but the impact of the condition on him was terrifying. I hadn’t really heard of dementia until it affected my family and so I found it very scary to have to navigate from being a daughter to a carer.”

“In the throes of his dementia, the time of his life he liked to revisit in his head was visits to a health spa and we would spend hours in the sitting room queuing for the steam bath, wondering why the swimming pool wasn’t open. I grew up sharing his love for DIY and during his illness we’d spend hours looking at swatches of paint and choosing a colour for a tie or a shed. I asked him once, ‘Dad, what’s my name?. He looked at me tenderly and said ‘Dulux’, and inexplicably, this brought me comfort.”

After a week of Anneka Rice father’s funeral, her mother also started showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. On the show “Anneka has issues” Anneka discusses the four issues that are of particular importance to her. Those four issues being Family, Therapy, Death, and Alzheimer’s. Her both parents suffered from the deadly disease. Bringing insight and refreshingly eccentric but practical mindset to these sometimes taboo subjects she explains how her background, issues and experiences have shaped her life.

Anneka Rice

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Mixed Reactions

Her recent episode had caused a stir online. While most of the people relate to her, some are seeing it as a horrible thing. Addressing the concerns, she tweeted, “The papers have picked up on my prog about wanting to end my dad’s life. It’s an endless nightmare – parents say ‘don’t let me end up suffering and out of control. Please put a pillow over my head’. If you want proper context please have a listen.”


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