Anthony Cirigliano and Family Are Missing, Only Left One Family Member Who Suffers from Dementia

In a recent audio clip released, Anthony Cirigliano, 51, a father of two, seemed to be in a state of paranoia. He apparently called 911 and was giving cryptic information about September 11 attacks before he disappeared.


What Anthony Cirigliano said in the audio clip?

According to Fremont Police Chief Tim Rodwell, Anthony Cirigliano disappeared a day after his cryptic call. “He was exhibiting some signs of paranoia”, the police continued.

In that audio clip, he was saying stuff like, “people want to erase me from the face of the Earth”. He also informed me that he needed police protection because of the confidential information that he has regarding the 9/11 attacks.

“It is a vital national interest. I’m not crazy. Mr. Geeting knows me. I’m a Christian. I just need some help. I know this sounds crazy. You don’t have instructions for this”, he added. Not only that, he was continuously asking the police to come over to his house.

“Tony was asking for the FBI to arrive and the CIA to arrive and wanted firetrucks to be at his house and things of that nature. It was really just — it’s not normal behavior or normal interactions we have with the community,” the police said.


He also said that he didn’t have any weapons in his house. After that, he told the operator to come to his house with their sirens off as his children will get scared.

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The number of people who disappeared

After that 3-minute call, the police immediately arrived at his house where they talked for about 45 minutes. Rodwell confirmed that no one was in any danger and that everything was fine.

However, the very next day, Anthony got disappeared from his house in Michigan. Along with him, his wife Suzette Cirigliano and their two sons, Brandon, 19, and Noah, 15, were also nowhere to be found.

Rodwell said that his phone was switched off and his wife and his sons’ phone were in his house. There was also no suspicious activity from their bank accounts or credit cards. However, their pets were left behind. Suzette’s mother, who had dementia was seen wandering around Monday Night.

“We don’t see any signs of violence, we don’t see any signs of foul play right now. There’s no signs of struggle inside home. But everyone we’ve talked to … they all describe this to be extremely abnormal behavior from Tony and Suzette”, Rodwell informed.

Where were they last seen?

According to the police, they were last seen at a gas station. This station was 300 miles from their home. A manager of the gas station, Heidi Bonifield Bowler informed the Freemont police that the family was acting suspiciously. She said that one of the kids was asking for a phone but he didn’t know how to use it.

“They just came in and used the bathroom. The one boy asked to use the phone but couldn’t figure out how to use it. None of his family members knew he asked to use the phone”, she remembered.

“Had the boys not acted a little strange, I would’ve just thought it was a family passing through. It wasn’t until last night late when I saw the post about them missing, and we immediately remembered them”, she concluded.


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