Are Andrew Cuomo’s ex Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef Married Now? Rumors After Spotted with Diamond Ring

Andrew Cuomo’s ex-girlfriend Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef were spotted together. She wore a sparking diamond ring this rose marriage speculations.

The couple was spotted out and about in St. Tropez on Monday, August 22. They wore what seemed to be wedding rings on their respective fingers. It appears that Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef had discreetly wed.
Both Lee and Youcef were looking like a newlywed couple who can’t keep their hands off each other.


Rumors of Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef’s secret wedding

While the 43-year-old Algerian actor wore a silver band, Lee wore a large band with several diamonds on that finger on her left hand. The 56-year-old television celebrity has reportedly been dating Youcef for more than a year.

In August 2021, it was also announced that they got engaged. In addition, she had a hysterectomy a few months prior to the alleged engagement when the physicians discovered a “change in some of her cells.”

Andrew Cuomo’s ex-girlfriend wore a vibrant kaftan dress for a day of touring in the well-known French seaside town. Her lover, or ostensibly her new spouse, wore a white cotton shirt and jeans. For the outing, he was also seen carrying a tote bag.

The famous chef finished off her outfit by bunning her hair. The ring, though the two had in common.

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Ben supported her during her Hysterectomy

Due to changes in some cells, Sandra went through a hysterectomy. During the time Ben stood by her side during her recovery. Through an Instagram post, Lee shared her experience by writing a huge caption.

It started with her saying how she watched women share their health decision. She admired such women while her mother’s friend lost her battle with breast cancer. Sandra feels embarrassed for not letting the world know about her disease until now.

Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef
Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef (Credit: AbacaPress/

She said, “So while you’re reading this post I am undergoing hysterectomy surgery. A surgery that so many brave women before me have had to do. It’ll be an everything-out procedure and after that, there won’t be any more halo of worry hanging over my head, before noting.”

“My sweet Ben is with me and will be taking a little time off work to stay home. I’m so grateful for his and everyone’s support, my friends and family have been incredible.”


Lee and Cuomo ended their relationship

Before her surgery, Lee ended her relationship with Cuomo. The year 2019 saw the end of Lee and Cuomo’s 14-year romance. Long before the latter was accused of several sexual offenses.

They released a statement together in which they claimed, “In recent times, we have realized that our lives have taken different turns and that our love connection has evolved into a close friendship. We are committed to the girls and will always treat each other as family. No additional comments will be made regarding our private lives, which shall remain private.”


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