Are Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer Still Together as Break-Up Rumors Are Spreading?

The rumour about Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer’s breakup was spreading rapidly. But you don’t have to worry because they have not broken up. 

It’s good news for Charlie and Natalia’s fans. They are still together. And the mysterious girl with Charlie in the pictures is just one of his close pals.


Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer are together

For the last few days, an evil rumour about Charlie and Natalia breaking up was spreading. Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton was seen in a photograph with a mysterious girl.

He was photographed at a music festival with her in Victoria park, London on August 19. 

In a photo, the unknown girl has her hands wrapped around The Stranger Things actor. They both seemed to kiss one another on the cheek. They were not alone at the festival.

A group of friends also joined them but Natalia couldn’t make it.

After some photographs spread rumours about their breakup some of the fans pointed out the truth. 

One of their fans pointed out the photograph. And said that they have not split up. They are still together. The mysterious girl is just one of Charlie’s close friends.

The fan shared a photo in which The mysterious girl is in a wedding dress. Her name is Lauren and she is married. Charlie and Natalia also attended her wedding together.


The mysterious couple was last seen together on a shopping trip. It was in June while before that they were spotted together promoting their show in May.

It is not the first time that Natalia and Charlie’s breakup rumours have sparked. 

Back in 2018, a rumour about their split was spread. Only after they were spotted having an argument outside a restaurant in Los Angeles.

In the video, Natalia was trying to look calm while arguing with Charlie. At one point, Charlie was about to hold Natalia’s arms aggressively. But Natalia pulled back.

A few months before this video went viral, Paparazzi spotted Charlie and Natalia walking on the red carpet, separately. This event at play fest, Los Angeles made the fans concerned. Because usually, they both walk together on the red carpet.

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Natalia and Charlie’s relationship

Natalia and Charlie first met on the set of Stranger Things in 2016. They also celebrated Halloween together as they matched their wizard Oz costumes.

In November 2017, both of the actors were kissing in public. Just after one month in December 2017, they made their first official couple appearance.

Since then, They have walked on the red carpet together. And also have shared loving photos of them together on social media 

It’s such a great thing that the couple has also worked together. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Natalia talked about romance and relationships.

Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer
Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer (Credit: Getty Images)

She also revealed why they kept their love hidden from the public. She said that it was so special working with Charlie. It’s such a great experience to work with and be in a relationship with the same person.

She says that “it is an understanding which is hard to describe. The weirdest thing about their relationship is people’s perception and reaction to it.”

Natalia kept talking about her hardships of dating each other publicly. People’s interest in her private life is hard to deal with.

She said, ” now that I have experienced the other side of it, it sounds so cliche but I am just a person, too.” Note that she also understands the “natural instinct to want to know more about the people who are on screen for hours.”


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