Are Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo Dating? Rumors After Picture Together

An image has sparked a rumor of Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo dating. They both are all over social media as fans are all convinced that they are together.

The singers are open about their sexuality. However, they have not answered or even made any mention of reports that they are partners in a romantic relationship. Now that fans have taken it upon themselves to learn the truth, many of them are shipping them.


Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo are Dating

An image on Twitter went viral, and from there the rumor about Frank and Omar dating started. Many assume that the images were taken while the singers were on vacation together in Italy and Greece, despite the fact that the faces of the participants are not clearly visible.

Despite the fact that both of them have not addressed these pretty irrational rumors when ask for comment. Omar has tweeted a few images from his most recent vacation that are replete with remarks regarding Frank.

There is no evidence that Omar and Frank are actually dating other than the preceding photos and the numerous reactions they have received.


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The Singers say about their Sexuality

Frank and Omar have freely discussed their attraction to guys despite not labeling their sexual orientations. In a public letter posted on Tumblr in 2012, Frank discussed dating a man.

He wrote, “I met someone four summers ago. I was 19 at the time. We were together both that summer and the following summer. Time would fly practically every day, even the day we were together. I saw him and his smile most of the time. It was cancerous by the time I realized I was in love. It was a lost cause.”

Omar claims that he is honest about his sexuality in his music, yet he finds it difficult to identify.
“In my songs and on Twitter, I’m pretty transparent about it. However, in terms of defining myself… Saying queer makes you feel fantastic. I’m not sure. He admitted to Rolling Stone, “I’m complex.

Fan’s Reaction to the Picture

The picture posted online didn’t reveal the face of people. Fans simply can’t stop talking about the viral photo and the rumors that have surfaced as a result of it, whether or not it truly is Frank and Omar.

“Can someone explain the conflict between Omar Apollo and Frank Ocean?” one tweeted.
Another said: “Nah ff tho… Is Omar Apollo dating Frank Ocean? When will I get to experience joy?”

Another user tweeted: “I’m sorry, but if Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo are dating, it’s finished for other relationships worldwide. You can’t get more alluring than that, and their combined strength would be unmatched.”

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