Are Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell Breaking Up? What Is The Reason

Reportedly Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell had a breakup. According to The Sun, they were finding it hard to make the relationship work. As the alleged couples are having hectic schedules in their respective life. Besides Kaley is with Jason after his split with Olivia Wilde. The ex-couple also has two children from their relationship. Although the couple never makes a walk down the aisle. Thus after the separation, Kaley and Jason become closer.


Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell split

According to reports Jason and Keeley are no longer together. However, according to the source she is still hooking up Thus according to them they are still in a relationship. Looking back on their relationship they were madly in love. Besides their beach holiday in Mexico went viral. They were having a kiss in the viral pic. Hazel was donning the pink bikini in the viral pic. Undoubtedly the couple has sizzling chemistry. Moreover, some sources reveal that Jason feels safe when he is with Keeley. As he knows Hazell from a longer time period. Thus we can say Jason finds his solace after separating from Olivia. Of course, Jason was devastated by the breakup with Olivia

. She was the mother of his two children.
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde
Image: Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde(Credit: Wire Image)

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Why Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell have a breakup?

Jason finds his love in Keeley after calling off his relationship with Olivia. Undoubtedly Jason and Keeley make a sizzling pair. But reportedly they are no longer in a relationship, they broke up. The reports suggest that the split is because of their hectic schedule. Therefore the couple was unable to stay in the relationship. Of course, the hectic schedule plays an antagonist to make the relationship work. Moreover, Keeley was the first person he gets close to after his split from former partner Olivia. But unfortunately, their relationship can’t withstand the challenge of a hectic schedule.

Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell
Image: Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell(Credit: theimagedirect and wire image

Take a look at the relationship between Jason and Keeley

Jason and Keeley came closer after the breakup of the former. Therefore Jason used to feel safe in the company. However, there was a time when sources suggest their relationship was more casual. But later the duo were captured sharing a steamy kiss on the Mexico beach. Thus netizens started believing that they were actually in a serious relationship. Besides the insider said that Jason feels better in company with the model. As he knows Hazell for a long they have that comfort zone. Although Jason was looking for a serious relationship after his breakup. He found his solace with the company of the Page 3 model. Thus we can say that Hazell was a helping hand to overcome his recent split with Olivia.


Before his linkup with Keeley, he was in a relationship with Olivia Wilde. The couples were engaged but they don’t have a wedding. Besides, the couple became the parent of 2 children. The couple had one son, Otis, and a daughter, Daisy. They used to be a very happy couple attending events together. But later they had turmoil in relation that leads to the breakup Currently Olivia is having affair with Harry Styles. But Jason had found it harder to fathom their breakup and Olivia’s new relationship.


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