Are Josh Richards and Ex-Girlfriend Nessa Barret Getting Back Together?

Undoubtedly the breakup of Josh Richards and Nessa Barret was heartbreak for their fans. After the breakup, Nessa was dating the fellow TikToker Jaden Hossler. However, she has a split with Jaden Hossler. Therefore after the split, there is a new rumor coming that Josh Richards and Nessa are going to be together. For the unversed, Nessa Barret and Haden began dating after splitting from their respective partners. Haden Hossler was earlier in a relationship with Mads Lewis. Besides Josh has responded to the rumors of him getting back to Nessa. He indirectly hints that once heartbreaking now he is over it.


The relationship of Josh Richards and Nessa Barret

Josh Richards and Nessa Barret come together after leaving their former partner. Besides, it became a controversial affair as they leave their partners to get together. People poked fun and criticism towards their relationship. Moreover, there used to be a headline that Nessa chose another J in life from Josh to Jaden. Thus fans were offended by their relationship.

However, later the couple had a breakup. It was during April 2022, that a few fans notices that they no longer had followers on Instagram. Therefore there was speculation they have probably had a breakup.


Thereafter Barret and Jaden shared a message to confirm their breakup. However, they expressed that they had a break up for good. As they want to invest them more in their profession and mental health. Therefore they requested the netizens not to further ignite hate and assumptions towards them. Their message further indicates that they want to have healing privately.

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Josh’s response to the speculations

After the split, fans are making speculation about the chance of Josh Richards and Nessa’s reunion. Therefore now Josh discussed the same in his BFFs podcast. He expressed that t was heartbreak for him following the split with Nessa. However, he says that today he had become over with this breakup. For the unversed, his split with Nessa became the center of the drama.

He expressed that after recently hanging out with Mia Mastrov, they don’t have any talk regarding Nessa’s breakup. Josh Richards further explains that he doesn’t have any idea whether he again wants to be with her. However, things get complicated when Josh makes alike on Nessa’s edit. Therefore one of his co-hosts had a debate about whether they will probably reunite.

Josh Richards and Nessa Barret
Image: Nessa Barret with Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler

Besides Josh Richards gave a rather funny reply about his like on the video. He suggests that things he was were not on purpose. Hilariously he told after clicking ‘like’, he was like he had to un-like it. Therefore it’s not apparent whether the ex-couple will reunite. But one thing is clear it’s a new episode of dram after the Barrett-Hossler breakup.


The drama around the Barret-Hossler relationship

Nessa Barret had left Richards to get into a relationship with Hossler. Therefore she got a lot of criticism for this movie. Even the friendship between Josh and Jaden gets dashed. Both Barret-Hossler gets criticism for their relationship. Besides, there was speculation that their relationship was a fabrication. The rumor suggested that the relationship was rather a PR stunt. However, they both respond that the rumor is untrue. But later they had a breakup and they make the confirmation in their respective IG stories.

Josh Richards and Nessa Barret
From: Instagram/nessabarrett

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