Are Kanye West and Monica Corgan Dating? Is The OnlyFans Model Girlfriend of The Rapper?

On August 12, 2022, model Monica Corgan, 23, and rapper Kanye “Ye” West, 45, were spotted touring his Malibu mansion, which was still under construction at the time.

Just days before Kanye and Chaney Jones’ separation, they were reportedly seen enjoying a screening of Top Gun: Maverick. Fans are curious as to how Kanye and Monica met and who Monica is, although the two have not publicly acknowledged their relationship as of this writing.


Kanye West and Monica Corgan’s previous date

A movie date was spotted between Monica Corgan and Kanye West. Since breaking up with Chaney Jones, rapper West has been the subject of dating speculations with Instagram model Monica Corgan.

Fans who were paying close attention noticed Kayne with a woman they believed to be Monica Corgan. He was seen seated next to a woman with blonde hair. Both of them were seen to be enjoying the film.

Kanye West

Just after his breakup with Chaney was made public, the news started to circulate. Fans are curious as a result of Kayne’s images of his rumored new girlfriend going viral on the internet.

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Kanye West’s relationship journey post-split with Kim Kardashian

Kanye West dated Chaney Jones, a Kim Kardashian lookalike, for a while. They recently separated, ending their relationship officially. Monica Corgan appears to have caught Ye’s attention much earlier.

According to a source quoted by TMZ, Monica and Kanye West had been dating irregularly for some time. Nobody in Corgan’s circle was surprised by the movie date. In a leaked version of “Life of the Party” with Andre 3000, Kanye even made a rap about her.

It’s possible that Kanye West is making an attempt to hide the relationship. On Instagram, they don’t follow one another. It seems as though things are currently starting out as casual. With Kanye, fans never know what to expect next.


Who is Monica Corgan?

Monica Corgan is an Instagram influencer, social media star, and OnlyFans model.  She is a well-known model who is also recognized for her work in commercial modeling. Monica has about 37K Instagram followers and is a very active user of social media.

She is well recognized for her Instagram posts of videos and images featuring fashion and styling. Born on November 11, 1998, Monica is currently 23 years old. The model is primarily recognized for modeling swimwear, though she has worked with several prestigious brands.

She enjoyed an enormous fan base on the internet majorly because of her plenty of work for OnlyFans.

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