Are KSI and Jake Paul going for a Boxing match as KSI confirms plans for the same?

KSI andJake Paul are going against each other, yes this is true, the news has broken social media with the virality that it is having. Let us explore this article to explore some juicy details.


Are KSI and Jake Paul going for a Box match against each other?

KSI and Jake Paul fans were almost waiting for the massive fight between the two of them, but the day did not come. Now it looks like the date has come since it’s fully official that the two personalities will be boxing against each other.

Fans were waiting for ages to hear something good from the boxing match of the YouTubers, while both of them have not so far particularly confirmed the date but it looks like 2023 is the year, when the glorified match will take place.

Initially, the whole thing started when KSI himself challenged Jake Paul of boxing with him and Jake even accepted the challenge which now proves the fact that both of the boxing champions will be gearing up for the fight to prove themselves best.


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KSI confirms plans for the Jake Paul boxing match

After the Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys press conference tour, host Big Zu asked the YouTuber about the Boxing match and it looks like KSI is all in his mood to beat Jake Paul and prove himself the best boxing man.

KSI also confirmed his plans for the upcoming Jake Paul boxing match.

He stated “But, I’m ready man. My main goal to come back is to fight Jake Paul, “That’s the main reason, that’s always the goal. Everything else I’m doing is just side quests”.

“It’s just me just having and showing the world why I’m so much better than Jake Paul — like so much better.”

“Obviously, he’s got the hype, he’s got the knockouts. But, when it comes to me getting in that ring with him, you’ll see the levels.”


KSI VS Jake Paul boxing match in 2023?

Well, yes, there is good news that KSI will be fighting against Jake Paul in their latest boxing which is surprisingly happening in 2023.

This initially started out with KSI who publicly challenged Paul stating that the winner of the match will even take 100% of the earnings. And shortly Jake accepted the challenge.

Therefore now, it’s finally confirmed that both KSI and Jake will be facing each other in the boxing ring at Wembley Stadium in 2023 and the winner will thus take 100% of their earnings.


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