Arryn, A TikToker is Furious After Her Son’s Name is Spelled Wrong in Her New Tattoo

Sometimes crazy things happen on TikTok, you never know what users over the app will be commenting upon or giving their opinion or reacting to any situation that itself becomes a viral thing. And this time Arryn, A TikToker is Furious After Her Son’s Name is Spelled Wrong in Her New Tattoo. Let us explore this article.


Arryn discovering her son’s name incorrectly spelt on a fresh tattoo

TikTok always sees some over-possessed people every time and now this time, the same thing has happened. The spelling of a women’s son’s name on the tattoo on her arms recently caused a TikTok user to become dangerously enraged.

The video of Arryn a woman who became furious also made a TikTok video of herself stating her disappointment with the wrong spelling of her son in her name.

The woman even called this error situation the “worst-case scenario”.

The producer of online content known by the handle arryn.mj was horrified to discover that her tattoo artist had made a serious error after removing the bandage covering her upper arm’s tattoo.


As a result, the mother Arryn posted on TikTok about the incident and her sentiments after seeing her son’s name had been misspelt on her arms.


😀 I have absolutely no excuse for this one.. #tattoofail #nametattoo

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What was the reason behind the woman’s furiousness after spotting a major error in her son’s arm?

Arryn a TikTok user was so horrified when the tattoo artist spelt her son’s name incorrectly on her upper arms that she instantly recorded a TikTok video to share her experience. She became engraved that the tattoo artist made an error in her tattoo which made her furious.

The TikTok woman Arryn thus stated “It’s spelling it wrong,” she said. “Now, imagine you’re gonna go get your children’s names tattooed on you. You don’t realize after looking at all the stencils to pick the right size that it is spelled wrong.”

She then also continued “They place the stencil. You still don’t f**king see it. They tattoo the f**king thing on you. You still don’t see it. It’s not until you take the bandage off and you go to take pictures of it that you see that your son’s name is spelt wrong for an eternity!”


What are the people on TikTok saying about the mom’s tattoo disaster?

People on TikTok are making hilarious comments about the TikTok mom’s tattoo disaster.

They are thus mocking and making hilarious jokes about the situation.

One commented “I noticed it when you started talking. I was like ‘that’s a weird way to spell Michael,” one user wrote.

Another stated “Easy fix. Change his name,”. The third one commented “I’d do a cover-up and then redo his name lol,”

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