Ashley Newman Boyfriend in 2022: Who is The Singer Dating Now?

Recently Ashley Newman has been in the news with her personal life and people are thus speculating whether the TikTok star is dating anybody now, fans have been speculating and questioning numerous things about her life. Let us explore this article so to get some more significant insights.


Who is Ashley Newman?

Ashley Newman is an American singer, songwriter, TikTok star and actress. known for her famous TikTok videos, which have generated millions of fanbases over the years.

Born and Brought up in Dallas, Texas she sings and also creates numerous videos plus comedy content on the app.

The singer has also managed to widen her fanbase on Instagram where she is seen interacting with her fans by developing audience-friendly video content.

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Ashley Newman: Educational details

Ashley is a 21-year-old girl who was born in Dallas, Texas before rising to fame and completing her studies in the Private School of Dallas City.


Being extremely good at studies, the singer as per sources has also scored good and attained the position of a good student in her high school days.

She has also performed in church and was also a competitive cheerleader in her high school times.

How did Ashley Newman rose to fame?

Since we all know now that Ashley Newman is a huge TikTok celebrity with more than 1.2 million followers. But before rising to fame, she was a simple normal looking girl with a greater ability to sing.

Her initial career also rose from TikTok through her singing ‘Halo’ by Beyonce in her own car, which somewhat brought the attention of more than 500k views on her TikTok account in one night.

Ashley Newman
Ashley Newman (Instagram/ashleyfaithnewman)

And with the objective of showcasing her creativity online, she posted lip-synced videos and a few funny videos on the app which was trending those days.

With posting her original songs on TikTok made her very much different from the rest of the creators, which also made her videos a centre of attention and attraction for the fans.

She also released her first single ‘photos’ in 2018 and was also a part of the Boys of Summer tour as well. She believes in the objective of working hard and aspires to become an established singer.


Ashely Newman’s Boyfriend in 2022: Who is the Singer Currently Dating?

Well, so far there is no official announcement by the TikTok star regarding her current Boyfriend in 2022, and also as per sources, the official confirmation is not there about her present boyfriend.

But if we look closely at her social media handle there seems a boy that she is pretty close to, and as per sources, she seems pretty close to influencer Tristian Bogaert.

It seems like the two are pretty much close as they also seem to post about each other frequently, she calls him her best friend but at the same time, nothing is official yet as of now.


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