Ashley Wadsworth Murder Case Update: Boyfriend Jack Sepple Has Been Jailed for 23 Years

On February 1, Jack Sepple, 23, a British man killed his Canadian girlfriend Ashley Wadsworth, 19 over some minor argument. The judge has decided to slap a punishment of minimum 23 years and 6 months in jail. The decision was made at Chelmsford Crown Court.


How did the two meet?

Jack Sepple and Ashley Wadsworth started having a long-distance relationship when they were 15 and 12 years old respectively. After a while, Ashley had a six-month tourist visa to travel to her boyfriend in the UK from Canada. There they started living together in a flat on Tennyson Road, Chelmsford.

Full Report of the Ashley Wadsworth’ Murder

Prosecution Lawyers informed the court that Ms. Wadsworth had contacted Jack’s friends via his Facebook account as there was no other way to ask for help. Two friends immediately listened to her pleas and rushed to their flat. However, Jack didn’t let them in and so they decided to call 999.


Ashley Wadsworth’ cousin Kali informed the police that he was very possessive over her belongings.“He was going through her social media. The reason this entire fight started from the beginning was that he had seen an old chat where she flirted with somebody”, she said.

“He had logged into all her social media, deleted all her posts and changed all her passwords and smashed her phone,” she further noted.

When the police broke into Jack’s house, they found him video calling his sister Hayley showing her the lifeless body and confessing to the crime. Ashley received around 90 stab wounds, most of which were towards the chest area. She also had various bruises around her face, neck, and both arms and legs, indicating that she was brutally beaten.

According to one neighbour, Ashley called her and told her that Jack “had beaten her up and thrown the kitten against the wall”. He was supposedly angry with her because of her decision to return prematurely to Canada.

Ashley Wadsworth and Jack Sepple
Ashley Wadsworth and Jack Sepple (Credit: Facebook)

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Jack’s previous records

After the news of her death, one of his ex- girlfriends informed the police that he was often violent, unpredictable, controlling, jealous and insecure. She further told the police that he tried to strangle her when she told him that she wanted to break up with him.

Besides this, he was often physically abusive towards women, according to the police. His two other partners also obtained restraining orders against him.

Not only that, he was violent towards his mother and one day dragged her to the floor when they were having an argument. As a result of which his mother had to obtain the restraining orders against him.

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