Azealia Banks is Back with Her Twitter Account and What is The Meaning of “apartheid Clyde”?

Azealia Banks is back on Twitter after the Tesla giant has takeover the Twitter, Azealia Banks has regained his suspended Twitter account. For the unversed, there was a suspension of Azealia’s Twitter account back in 2020. But after Elon Must acquired the platform, she is now back after the 2-year suspension. Besides, Azealia has made her comeback by thanking Musk for his positive approach to free speech. She further condemns the former chief of Twitter. Even her Instagram story suggests that she has good terms with the Tesla founder.


Azealia Bank comeback after Musk’s takeover!

Azealia has able to get back her Twitter handle after the suspension of 2022. Hence the rapper has showcased her thankfulness to Elon Musk. Of course, it is looking like the rapper has a positive term with Musk. But few fans have to dig out past comments of her regarding Musk. And yes she has something bizarre to tell about Musk during last year. The rapper used the term ” apartheid Clyde” to describe the business tycoon. Thus there is ongoing speculation among netizens about the meaning of the term ” apartheid Clyde. She has used it for Musk on Instagram where now she is putting nice things about him.

Azealia Banks is back on Twitter
Image: Azealia Banks(Instagram/azealiabanks)

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The Dramatic Return Of Azealia On Twitter!

Undoubtedly fans are very happy about the return of Azealia to the public speaking domain. However, netizens have to dig out some past comments of Azealia. The word ” apartheid Clyde” has become new speculation among the netizens. Since this word was used to refer to Musk, people are trying to derive its suggestive meaning. Coming to the news of Azealia’s return, fans are thanking Musk for his liberal move. However, there was speculation that after Musk’s takeover, there will be chances of reversing of suspension. As Musk is always supporting free speech, he will consider the reversed suspension of many accounts.

As Banks has appreciated the move of Musk, some netizens are discussing her past equation with the businessman. Besides Bank has shown her happiness for regaining her Twitter account. She expressed her thankfulness to Musk for buying the platform. Of course, she had to face monetary loss after getting the controversial suspension. Even the rapper lost the access she had to her fans from this platform. Undoubtedly it is a major heartbreak for people who have created a good network on Twitter. Indeed she had lost the consumer base that she had acquired.

Possible Meaning of “apartheid Clyde”

Of course, Azealia is seemingly thankful to Elon as she gets her Twitter account. She gets her Twitter account back because of the new owner. Undoubtedly she will be thankful for getting the platform. But earlier she was not so having keen feelings for the business tycoon. In 2021, she had put an Instagram story tagging the singer Grimes. She further goes on to indicate that Musk is an ” apartheid Clyde”. Azealia put this story after the breakup of Grimes and Musk. However, netizens have not understood what she is referring to by the word. If you go by the dictionary, ‘apartheid’ is related to a law of South Africa. Even Musk’s birthplace is South Africa and at that time apartheid was prevalent. But the use of ‘Clyde’ is a mystery and people are having speculations.

Azealia Banks is back on Twitter
Image: Azealia Banks and Elon Musk

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