Bam Margera was Seen in Atlanta, Partying with Friends Amid Rehab Problems

Bam Margera was seen partying with his friends this weekend. This ‘jackass’ star was seen hanging out early in the morning on Saturday. According to the reports, they were partying at the koo koo room in Atlanta. He was also supposedly name-dropping himself around the joint and drumming up interest.


Why is this a problem?

Bam Margera was seen posing with friends, some of them being women. He was also seen posing with Parker Lipman the host of MTV’s “Buckhead Shore.”

This recent turn of events totally contradicts the restructured program Bam Margera was going to attend almost two weeks ago. This happened after he escaped his rehab facility in Florida a lot many times. Even after that, he was seen to surface in bars and partying with his friends again and again.

Bam Margera
Bam Margera (Credit: Getty Images)

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The Full Controversy of Bam Margera

Bam Margera has seemingly fallen off the streak when he escaped his rehab center for the second time. This was nearly one year after he completed his 12-month treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse. Bam Margera family was desperately looking for any signs of him while he was busy partying.

After partying hard at a strip club, Bam went into his friend’s house. A video was also recorded of him losing his consciousness only to be picked up by his friend two hours later.

Bam Margera supposedly fled from his rehab center located in Florida on June 25. In Atlanta, he talked with some of his friends at a sports bar located in Pompano Beach. Bam had some drinks and asked one of his friends he was partying with to take him to the hospital as his fist was injured.

This wrist injury and the dislocation of the elbow were due to his skateboarding accident in May. But he refused to take any pain medication at that time as he was in his addiction recovery.


His friend drove him to the hospital and took some photos of the stunt performer as requested by him. He then went to a strip club in Pompano Beach. He was also telling the dancers to stay away despite him being at the adult club.

Apparently, this turn of events doesn’t seem to affect him even slightly. Some people like Steve – O have gone straight into this downward spiral of self-destruction but are still shining now.

He apparently fled his rehab session after a family intervention on June 27th. Also,. His father Phil, who is overweight has similar problems. He used to harass and mock him for his sloppiness.


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