Bama Rush TikTok Trend is Back in 2022: Watch Them Now

TikTok was taken over by the Bama Rush TikTok trend last year in the same month (August). The trend has returned this year (2022) with the same enthusiasm as last year.


What is the Bama Rush Trend all about?

The Bama Rush trend is short for Alabama Rush. The trend is for the future students of the Alabama University. It’s a recruitment process for the undergraduates who want to join a sorority.

Sorority, basically is a group of girls who want to form friendship on the basis of common interests and bring the people of the same interests together. Same goes for the boys, their similar interest friend group is referred to as Fraternity or frat for short.

Usually most of the sororities and fraternities have Greek names, which can be Alpha Chi Omega or Phi Mu.

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How can one join a Sorority?

Joining a sorority is not that easy, one has to go through several rounds of events, compete among others and prepare an application video.

Majority of the students start applying for sororities right before their college term starts, which is the first week of August and later continues for days.


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Why is the Bama Rush trend so popular on TikTok?

Coming up of social media has changed so many things. Usually any student who wanted to join any sorority group had to record a video of themselves. And then send it to the sorority leaders, who would decide whether to select you or not.

With TikTok taking over the Alabama students took joining sorority to the next level. Now the students upload their sorority pledge videos on TikTok itself.

They do all kinds of stuff to gain views and to get viral, which inturn would get them famous. The most common being the usage of hashtags mainly #BamaRush and #AlabamaRush.

Students try really hard to try and sell themselves on thd video streaming app. They do this recreating viral Tiktok dances, filming GRWM (get ready with me) videos, showing off their singing skills or the most basic, funny comedy videos.

One has to give their best, to be friends with the people who think they are all one.

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How is the audience reacting?

Even though the Bama Rush videos are specially targeted for a particular group of people, they have been seen to be featured on almost everyone’s foryoupage. The audience is also quite liking it, they see these videos as a medium of entertainment for them.

Most people took to twitter regarding the Bama Rush trend.

” Bama Rush needs to be become a Netflix documentry ” said a tweet.

”Me excited to keep up with all the Alabama Rush girlys on TikTok for the next two weeks #bamarush” wrote another.

”Anyone else invested in this ‘BAMA RUSH’ TikTokTok??? These girls going to bloody boot camp” said a third person.

”Sitting here seeing new Bama Rush TikToks of girls packing like they’re going to WAR and can’t stop thinking about how this is like the draft for women” said a different tweet.

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