Bao Vtuber Face Reveal: How Does The Twitch Star Bao’s Face Look Like?

Bao is an English VTuber who enjoys 403k subscribers and 200k subscribers on Twitch. You may have guessed her popularity is no joke.

She streamed first time on 30 October 2020. Before this, she also released music as Hikaru Station according to her social media account. Presently, you will find her streaming solely on Twitch which she later posts on her YouTube Channel.

She has the username of Baoo, earlier hikarustation.


Baoo Vtuber Face Reveal

There are certain sneak peeks or glances of her real face. Apart from these bits and pieces, the Twitch star has not disclosed her full face to the public. It is a shame that we don’t know what she looks like.

However, there were certain pictures acquired from her high school times, even those are not accessible anymore to the audience. Hence, nobody has any clue about her face. She likes to keep people under suspense!


What we do know is that Baoo is a war personality on Twitch. She is humble, kind, and likes to compliment other people. She has a thing for humor and enjoys puns. Even within the community, she is well-liked by people and interacts with them on a day-to-day basis.

This shows her familiarity with the vast fandom and Internet culture.


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How Does Bao Look Like?

Hayamafair redesigned Bao’s virtual character on Vtube. Bao first found this design on Pinterest and later purchased it for her account. The Female character is an age-old whale deity who has emerged from seafoam. Moreover, she has endured and been through many wars and oceans to the point she feels lonely.

She needs a companion, someone who would listen to her voice. Bao shared her character is very playful and free-spirited feminine character. Therefore, she represents her ocean.

So Bao did not reveal her actual face. But, she did played with the idea.

Bao Photos And Pictures

As said before, Bao has not shared any photos in public. However, she posted a selfie hiding her face with an emoticon. By doing this, she expressed gratitude towards her followers as she hit 40k subscriber count.


Her mascot is Pestonini who is a dog-whale hybrid. It is an offspring of Yuniiho and her.

She also nurtures pets- a cat and a dog. The cat is asthmatic and has a name- Mitzi whereas the breed of dog is a blue wheeler-corgi hybrid with a name- Macy.

Bao is a multil ingual person. Hence, she can communicate in Japanese, English, and Vietnamese language. Her persona is extremely electrifying.


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