Barton Fitzpatrick Robbery Case: The Singer Became Victim of An Armed Robbery in West Chicago

The Actor and the Singer Barton Fitzpatrick recently went through hell as he faced a massive Armed Robbery in West Chicago and fans are thus concerned for the Singer and Actor. Let us explore this article in order to understand what possibly happened.


Who is Barton Fitzpatrick?

For those of you who do not know who Fitzpatrick, he is an Actor, a greater Singer, and a producer also.

He is therefore very much known for his work in the 2018 Drama Series “The Chi”. He has provided some greatest hits in terms of music and now also being a producer, he has no doubt created some solid hits in Cinema.

What happened with Barton Fitzpatrick?

As per sources, the singer and the actor Fitzpatrick recently this weekend was held up at gunpoint which made him a victim of Armed Robbery. The Robbery took place in West Chicago on Early Sunday morning.


As per sources, the robbery took place when Fitzpatrick who was a passenger in a car, when someone entered the back seat of the car holding Barton Fitzpatrick at a gunpoint.

Sources also claim that the Robbers initially demanded the car but then after dropping the plane, they took some of Barton’s belongings possibly a chain and other items.

Barton Fitzpatrick

Was Barton Fitzpatrick injured in the Armed Robbery?

Well, as per sources, no injuries were evident to singer and actor Fitzpatrick. The Police are currently hunting the robbers who were responsible for making Barton the victim of Armed Robbery.

Barton Fitzpatrick, Professional Career details

In terms of Professional Career details, Fitzpatrick has had a pretty solid and great career to loom into. Being the Illinois finalist in the 2013 August Wilson Monologue Competition, he has even received a scholarship from the University of Illinois at Chicago for their BFA Acting program.

Having successful music and an acting career, he has also delivered his greatest role in CHICAGO PD, CHICAGO MED and CHICAGO JUSTICE.


In terms of his music career, Barton Fitzpatrick has also appeared in the music videos like “I like” (ft. Tink) and “Wannabe” (ft. King Louie).

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Was Barton Fitzpatrick also in “The Chi”?

Yes, Fitzpatrick played the role of Reg from 2018 to 2019 who is a gang leader in the series. The series was a major blockbuster piece in the professional career of Barton Fitzpatrick.

Even getting huge appreciation, we can surely say that Fitzpatrick’s career had taken a huge rise up with the drama series “The Chi”.


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