Beef Between Pete Davidson And Kanye Explored as Star Expected to Leave SNL

Kanye and Kim Kardashian often make headlines after their divorce. Besides, the feud between Kanye West and the comedian Pete Davidson is the talk of the town. For the unversed Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim is now in a relationship with Pete Davidson. Moreover, their Instagram conversation also gets viral. But their feud mainly starts after Peter mocks Kanye for his 2018 SNL appearance. Since then they share a cold relationship. Now reportedly Kanye is going to exit from SNL.


The beef between Kanye West and Pete Davidson

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were once a happy couple but their marriage hits the rock bottom. Although they further move on in their life. But Kanye can come to terms with his ex-wife dating Pete Davidson. Recently their conversation from March 13 gets viral. Besides, it was Dave Sirus who makes their conversation viral. And in the conversation, Kanye seems to ask where is Pete right now. Consequently, Pete mockingly replies that he is in bed with his wife. Moreover, he also shares a selfie lying in a bed. Indeed he was sarcastically mocking the rapper. But this is not the first time they had a feud.

Pete Davidson, Kim, And Kanye
Image: Kanye, Pete Davidson, And Kim (Credit: Getty Images)

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Kanye West and Pete Davidson history of feud

Kanye West seemingly can’t withstand his ex-wife’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. Besides Pete too often sarcastically takes jibes on the rapper. Reportedly they first get into a feud after the rapper’s performance on SNL in 2018. Reacting to it Peter expressed it as most as the most awkward thing he has witnessed. He, therefore, makes fun of Kanye’s MAGA hat.

Furthermore, he also makes fun of Kanye’s mental health. Therefore he goes on to suggest him for taking medication for his mental health. Peter also makes a comparison between Kanye from the jackass.

Another controversial incident happens in SNL 2021. Kim had her iconic appearance on the show last year. Besides she goes on to kiss Pete Davidson. And of course, it doesn’t go well for Kanye West. Consequently, West expressed his disliking of the act to a media outlet. He describes how people became mean and do stuff to hurt others.

Kanye, therefore, expressed his dislike of kissing Pete in his presence. In 2022, Kanye made a song to slam the comedian Pete Davidson. He, therefore, refers to Pete as a crash. Further in the same year in February month, Kanye give the nickname ‘ Skete’ for Pete. Even Kanye ask his fans to harass the comedian Davidson. Although later he urges not to do so. In March 2022, he got backlash for an animation showing violence with the comedian.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were once a power couple in Hollywood. The couple gets married in May 2014. They are also parents to 4 children of their own. But their relationship hits the rock bottom. Therefore they end their 6-year of wedding and head for divorce. Besides the couple moved on to get into another relationship. Kim is now in a relationship with Pete Davidson

. Although Kanye had a linkup with Julia Fox the relationship ends in a brief period.

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