Benjamin Mascolo And Bella Thorne Break Up: Benjamin Says ‘I will always be there for her’

According to a post on Thursday made on Instagram by the Italian singer Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo. They have broken off their engagement. I hope that this individual has a wonderful life and knows that she can count on me to be there for her no matter what. “I love you,” he said in a long message that he had put on his feed on his website. Sources claim that the two were able to part ways in a civilized manner. A source informed the site that the couple’s “clashing schedules led to a lot of time apart. Finally leading to the split.” “Their conflicting schedules”


Benjamin Mascolo And Bella Thorne Break Up

The former “Shake It Up” singer and rapper Mod Sun began seeing one other for the first time in April 2019, only a few days after she publicly revealed her breakup with the latter. Two months later, American Actress Thorne confirmed her connection with Mascolo to People. She gushed that “Ben is a cutie pie, and seeing him on FaceTime always makes me grin extremely wide,” while referring to Mascolo. He resides in Italy, which makes this a very intriguing fact.


After announcing their engagement more than a year ago, the actress and singer were 24 years old. And the Italian singer, 28 years old, has decided to end their relationship.

Benjamin Mascolo And Bella Thorne
Image: Benjamin Mascolo And Bella Thorne(Instagram/bellathorne)

A source told People that Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo had broken up after being engaged for more than a year. The breakup ended their relationship. “Their incompatible work schedules caused them to spend a lot of time apart, which ultimately ended in the separation; nonetheless, the two have parted ways peacefully”.

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Benjamin Says ‘I will always be there for her’

The first time that Bella and Benjamin were together was back in April of 2019, not long after she made public her breakup with lover Mod Sun. With whom she and YouTuber Tana Mongeau had been in an open relationship.

The couple shared the news of their engagement in March of 2021. Benjamin made several cryptic references to their breakup in a lengthy post that he published on Instagram. Even though Bella has not yet spoken publicly on the matter.

“To fall in love is the most wonderful gift we can experience in life, and our narrative is one of the many that ends every day,” Benjamin said. Our tale is one of the many that ends every day, allowing room for new beautiful unions and vows between individuals. Just like individuals, relationships are created and pass away; it’s a natural part of the cycle of life, and I embrace it.”


He went on to say, “This is in no way a failure on either side because no real connection is “wasted” or “useless,” as “good” and “bad” are just personal agendas that the human mind labels on things, people, and feelings. Based upon our ego and identity, and not the word of God. It is not a failure on either side. It was a lovely thing because it was meant to be.


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