Bethenny Frankel Accusing Kardashians for Photoshopping Too Much, Causes Harm to Normal Women

Bethenny Frankel blasted off on the Kardashians for photoshopping the photos too much. According to her it caused a lot of damage to the ‘normal women’. She called it off as an irresponsible and reckless behavior. Want to know more about the beef? Well let’s jump in!


Frankel accused Kardashians for giving complex to people about their bodies

Bethenny Frankel mocked Kardashians for their photoshopping skills, says no one can pace up with them when it’s time to edit pics. She also accused them of giving a complex to ‘regular’ or ‘normal’ women by photoshopping the photos to a not so tolerable extent.

Ex-RHONY, a star in NYC went nuclear on the Kardashians for the recent beef they have been having with Frankel. Bethenny also showed her concern on as to how Khole, Kim and Kylie are responsible for making the American mothers feel horrible about their natural bodies.

According to her, the sisters used their dollars to get such unattainable beauty through surgeries. They also hire professionals editors to photoshop their pictures to some god level which makes ‘normal people’ uneasy about themselves.

Furthermore, Bethenny didn’t plan to stop and kept defaming the Kardashians about how their social media handle is all a cap and is smoothly trapping people into assuming that whatever the Kardashian girls post is an accurate form of women’s bodies. “The more people see edited pics, the more lines are faded and blurred”, says Bethenny.

People, Bethenny just doesn’t stop throwing blames on the Kardashians, says their posts are merely inspirational to the mothers who she mentioned are insecure about their own skin. Also, to your surprise, Frankel acting diplomatic said that her comments aren’t anti-Kardashian. She says it’s a ‘very serious’ matter, and according to her the photos might as well cause damage to her 12-year old kid who can possibly have an eating disorder in the near future.

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel (Credit: Celeste Sloman)

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Who is the ‘affected’ Bethenny Frankel?

An American businesswoman, Bethenny Frankel is also an entrepreneur and a television personality besides being a philanthropist and an author. The November-born actress appeared in eight episodes of the Bravo television series ‘The Real Housewives of NYC’ since it’s premiere in 2008.

Skinnygirl, is a lifestyle brand owned by Frankel with a disaster relief initiative BStrong. Other than that, she also wrote four self-help books. In 2010, she married Jason Hoppy, a pharmaceutical sales executive, and has a daughter named Bryn. The couple divorced in 2013, and later on she married film producer Paul Bernon.

Bethenny is the daughter of Robert J. Frankel, who is a horse trainer as well as an interior designer. He was a German-Jewish, and his wife a Roman Catholic. They got separated when Frankel was only four. When she turned five, her mother married another horse trainer John Parisella, also a Roman Catholic.


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