‘Big Straw’ Challenge TikTok: What is It and How to Perform?

TikTok is always ready with numerous challenges and other things, but some can even reach out of control and can last an everlasting impact on people’s health and one among them is the new ‘Big Straw’ Challenge. Let us get into the article to get some major insights.


What’s the viral ‘Big Straw’ Challenge on TikTok?

TikTok always comes up with exciting and fun challenges, but sometimes the same can get out of control. Since many of the viral trends have the potential to go out of control and viral, but some of them can even be dangerous and disastrous.

The same goes with the case of the viral ‘Big Straw’ Challenge which became popular on the app in 2020 and is now coming back on the app in 2022.

‘Big Straw’ Challenge involves the participants using a cardboard tube or something similar as a substitute for a straw and then attempting to drink large quantities of liquid through the large cardboard tube.

Many people over TikTok have tried the challenge and few of them have been successful in trying this while others lacking over the capability to suck liquid from the big straw, which has so far come to the conclusion that this trend is not at all healthy to perform.


Straw Challenge again! I’m retiring! Almost blew an eye ball out! #fyp #strawchallenge #bigstrawchallenge

♬ original sound – Kaighen House

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‘Big Straw’Challenge: Why is it dangerous?

‘Big Straw’ Challenge has so far been performed by numerous people over the internet, but only some of them have been successful in attaining success.

Well, the challenge is not too healthy, it is hugely dangerous to even perform by sucking large quantities of liquid from the massive tube, thereby choking yourself and your lungs.

Some of the videos featuring the challenge even now have a warning attached from TikTok, stating to participate on your own conditions as it might result in hurting yourself.

Although some videos have entertained people when content creators are performing the challenge, some of the content creators have even warned people against this risky challenge.

And people also at the same time gained millions of views while trying this dangerous challenge so to get the audience’s attention even after choking themself.


#fyp #foryoupage

#bigstrawchallenge ♬ original sound – MarshallFam

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How to Perform the ‘Big Straw’ Challenge?

Since performing the viral ‘Big Straw’ Challenge can be dangerous for you, people still want to know how to perform the viral ‘Big Straw’ Challenge.

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To perform this challenge you need to have any liquid which you can drink, a cardboard tube. Therefore you need to take a large and big jug of a liquid, take your massive cardboard tube and put that massive tube into that large big liquid, then what you need to do is to suck that liquid with that tube and now the challenge is to see whether you are able to suck it or not.

Well, since it is a challenge, it is in your own hands if you wanna try as it involves danger.

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