BLACKPINK Jennie Boyfriend 2022: Is She Dating Kim Taehyung aka BTS V Now?

Blackpink is a girl’s group famous for its singing. They have released multiple songs and so a lot of shows. A member of the club Jennie is all over the news lately. A Korean YouTuber Lee Jin Ho claimed that Blackpink’s member is dating Taehyung aka V from BTS. The article is full of all the news, proof, and statements from fans supporting and disagreeing with the news.


The news About Jennie and Kim Taehyung

The two famous performers are supposedly dating. Some days back, a picture of the two sitting in a car also went viral. Moreover, a Korean YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, who was a former entertainment reporter has claimed that both the artists are dating. To prove his statement, he said that the Blackpink‘s performer had posted a picture on social media where she is standing in front of a statue. Now, the interesting part is that V shared a similar photo from his trip to LA last year. The youtube sensation shared the evidence for the same.

Before this, an unverified user shared a photo where they were seen together but later deleted it. The YouTuber earlier in some video disclosed V dating the daughter of a CEO of a conglomerate (Ms. A) but BIGHIT MUSIC and V immediately dismissed them. He went on to say that Ms. An is known to be near BLACKPINK’s Jennie and in the event that the last bits of gossip were valid, Jennie would date her dearest companion’s ex.


When asked the companies about the relationship status of the two, they said that they cannot disclose secrets related to one’s life. The fans are angry at the fact that BIGHIT MUSIC has not shed light on the situation. And also have decided to just stay quiet. However, Jennie and V, are not discussing anything with the media regarding the same. Many fans say they are hiding the truth, many say that it is just a way to distract the public from LE SSERAFIM’s Garam bullying scandal.

Image: Jennie, Kim Taehyung and Lee Jin Ho (Credit: Getty Images)

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The rage on the internet

Now, the story is not a smooth sail. The fans from both sides are fighting with each other. The two sides are defending their idols, putting the other group at fault. V’s fans are blaming Jennie to use his name to become famous. On the other hand, the girl’s fans are defending her by saying that the girl in the picture doesn’t even look like her. Also, now among all this cold war on the internet, the people are again coming against each other. And also playing a blame game as the picture looks edited.

Image: Jennie and Kim Taehyung (Youtube/ 연예 뒤통령이진호)

Earlier this month, a K-Drama Tomorrow was slammed by the audience, mainly THE BTS ARMY after they portrayed V’s and Jungbook’s names on a death list in a scene. The scene created havoc among the fans. The creators had to come in public and clarify the scene to them that they only used their birthdays. The fans want a formal apology from the show’s creators for hurting their sentiments.

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