Carl Allamby, A Cleveland Auto Mechanic, Became A Doctor at Age 51.

Carl Allamby, a former auto mechanic recently created buzz around the international media after he became a doctor at the age of 51.

Carl Allamby grew up in an extremely impoverished area and he is an African American. In mid 70s their whole family of 5 siblings and parents transferred to East Cleveland as it was easy to afford a house there. When he got in highschool, he started working in a local car parts store alongside studying.

Hardships faced by Carl Allamby

As it was really hard to provide for basic necessities for such a huge family, his father had to work as a door to door salesman while his mother cared for the children. When asked about the struggles he faced during his childhood, Carl simply says that they went many days without gas, lights, water and sometimes even food. He further adds that it became very difficult for him to focus on studies as he continuously used to grapple with anxiety related to food, safely making up to school, finding his own place in the world and dealing with low self-esteem. Carl Allamby also started to think that maybe becoming a doctor is too unrealistic.

Carl Allamby
Carl Allamby

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Carl Allamby Starts his own business

Carl Allamby tried working on various jobs but could barely earn and make his ends meet. He decided to take a risk and started his own business of auto repair and opend his first shop when he was 19. The business started booming as a result of his hard work and consistency which resulted in rise in the challenges he had to face as a small business owner. After a while, he started studying at night while continuing with his auto repair business during the day.

The decision that changed his life

To expand his business, he decided to earn a business degree and hence he enrolled in a college called Ursuline College located in Pepper Pike, Ohio, in 2006 when he was 34. He needed to pass a biology class to earn his graduation degree. At first, Carl Allamby was hesitant to attend the class as it had no relation with the degree that he wanted to pursue. But as he started attending the class he gained interest and kind of remembered his childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Hence, in 2010, he started taking pre-med classes at Cuyahoga Community College, in Cleveland, Ohio with the support from his wife.


He is now working as a physician at Cleveland Clinic’s Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

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